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Jake's pack - colors

just trying a new coloring stile.
hope you lik,e it!!

here it's the lineart - - > [link]
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Love it like all of your art including your Eragon and Harry Potter ones, your amazing!!
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Thank you!! it really means a lot! ^^
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awesome leah pic
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what an awesome pic XDDDDD
I LOVE IT!!!!!
the guys look so hot as always i like the fact that Leah is hanging to the tree nice touch but it would have been better if she had long hair and it was a darker shade.
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i though about the hair, but she cuts it when she becomes a werewolf, like jake says, if your hair is long as well is it when you are all wolfy [ wich woud be kinda unconfortable xD]
i'm glad you like it that much ^^
Why would I not like it its great!But i do see your point. hey if you don't mind what is deviant watch a friend put me in that category and im new at this so i don really know ?.? still awesome picture it was an instant fave!!1Go Team Jake
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when you watch someone each time he uploads something you get the link of it, so you can keep track of the artist you like ^^
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thanks a lot!! x3
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they're hot!=D
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just how i picture them xD
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Someone's been infeeeected with TWILIGHT! ^_^

Totally hot :heart:
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yeah.. it went straight up to my head and i can't get it out xD
can't wait for the movie!!
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Same here! Only 33 days, 22 hours, 20 min and 1 second to go!
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at least you know when it arrives... the argentinian date it's not clear yet TT
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No date? I thought it was a world-wide release, like the book.
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no it's not... at least not here u.u
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That's a shame (although, on second thoughts, Australian Twilighters only got Breaking Dawn an entire 2-3 days later).

You could always look it up...
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yeah.. as soon as it arrives to the cinemas i'm there xD
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really cool details...

really impressive how you did the anatomy..:nod:
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thanks!! it's what took me the most, and i was seriously worried about it!
and even i can't believe that i drew a background xD
i'm really glad you like it!! =D
i'm proud of myself xD
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