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Touhou Youmu Konpaku Stay Focused! Flow wallpaper by Takuneru Touhou Youmu Konpaku Stay Focused! Flow wallpaper by Takuneru
Sorry for not being active, really sorry.
Well, I had to focus on my studies, and I am busy with active life xD
So, I made this one exactly one month after the last one with SAO kirito, but I had some problems so I couldn't upload, and then I didn't have the time. As I don't have that much to do right now, I'm now finally uploading it ^w^
The text is a note to me, 'cause with my sooooooo unlucky love life (Broke with gf. cool. No apparent reason. Cool. love someone else now it seems. SUPER COOL...) and the great exams coming, I have to focus on what's really important, I can't permit myself to have bad marks and double my year. So... it is a difficult period for me ^^'.
Hope you like it, I tried to make the text more crisp.
Also, I'm trying to improve my drawings so it can maybe help me with my wallpaper ^^. Maybe one day you'll see characters drawn by me in my wall ;p. I have to really improve though.
Original Artist : Minakata Sunao (original character : [link] )
DISCLAIMER : I absolutely NOT assume that I own the character used on my work. ALL the rights are owned by the author himself.
I only made it so by using his character I can make an wallpaper from it.
And as always, thanks for your support ;) !
pixflame86 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2015
Very cool wall. Great job. :)
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