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Dragons Bane - Tribal



I created this about 8 months ago or so. I met this sweet lil' hottie at the college I was attending and she was from South Africa. Back in the day her n' her friends were surfers. She'd tell me all about her experiences and stories behind her tattoos n' such. Anyway...since I was a teen I have been fascinated by fantasy and dragons. I wanted to make a bold statement in tribal about myself. I find Dragons to be a feirce force never to be underestimated.

About the Tattoo:
This tattoo is to be placed on my back. The dragons wings sprawl across my shoulderblades and the tips just slightly wrap onto the tip tops of my shoulders. The body of the dragon follows down my back along my spine. The lettering on the body of the dragon are in chineese characters quote a old philosipher, "With strength to move mountains and spirit to take on the world"

The tattoo was first drawn up in peices with pencil and paper then inked in. Later was scanned and I used photoshop to doctor a digital version. This is a low-res representation of my Tribal statement to the woman I shared many great times with. Our time was breif but she was truley inspiring.

This is for you Liv.
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Truly Awesome! As a dragon lover of Asian descent, I tip my hat to you. Superbly done!