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Rainbow Dash

By Takua770
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Single Rainbow Dash head shot by itself.

Rainbow Dash and My Little Pony belong to Hasbro.

Someone told me Adult Swim used this apparently.

UPDATE: 5/22/13: Decided to redo this one completely from the ground up so to speak. Just wanted to see how much I improved since I first started with Photoshop.

Compare to the original here: [link]
SVG: [link]


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic © Hasbro
Rainbow Dash © Lauren Faust

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© 2011 - 2020 Takua770
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HamburgerMarsupialHobbyist Writer
Rainbow: "Oh, no. THEY FOUND MY STASH!"

Twilight: "Your... What?!"

Rainbow: "They found my secret stash... OF--!"

If you want Rainbow Dash to say 'Daring Do books', please press 1 now
If you want her to say 'multi-coloured mane dye', press 2
If you want her to say 'frilly dresses that are always worn in style', press Gen 3. Lol!
If you want her to say 'Apple Family Cider', press 4 to have Applejack hog-tie her now. Lol!
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LunarwarponyHobbyist General Artist
Oh no she read the Cupcakes:o (Eek) 
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My reaction when World War III brakes out
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The face you get when Diarrhea strikes.
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MasterChica1987Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That moment when you realize you left a faucet running... O_O
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Rainbow Dash: :ohnoes:
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I'd have that expression if I just saw half the fan art there is... if you know what I mean!!!

Hey free expression but still it'll shock me.
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do you mind if i use this for an icon.., i'll give you full credit c:
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Hey, can I have your permission to use this pic, crediting you and with a speech bubble added, as the cover art for a fanfic I'm working on?
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Permission is fine as long as it's properly given credit.
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espimyte Digital Artist
Someone has used this artwork and has not credited you.

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Thanks for letting me know.
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Retro-RedHobbyist Digital Artist
I don't understand it so I want to kill it.
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Can use this? I'll give you a link when I'm done. Thanks!
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GizemYorganciStudent Digital Artist
Used : [link]
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YOU SHIP ME AND WHO?!!?!?!?!?!??
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msteetertotterHobbyist Traditional Artist
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msteetertotterHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Hey, I used that as my profile icon a while back - can I still use it?
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Nothing to really stop you.
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