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Onwards Aoshima!
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Happy New Years everybody or as Eddie Murphy once said; "Merry New Year!!!
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I got to meet Riley Andersen herself; Kaitlyn Dias! I’m still geeking out right now.
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Meme copied from :iconlolliarts:

Couple interviewed: Boredom and Envy 

A Boredom And Envy Valentine's Day (SFW Version) by Takoyamafan23

First off, here's the rules:

1. Pick 2 characters in a relationship
2. Don't change the questions
3. Let your OC's answer, not you (roleplay it if you wish)
4. Tag some people to do the meme (if you want)
5. Have fun!

(REMINDER - The questions seems to be questioning the different characters in different rooms - so they’re not interviewed in the same room)

1. First, who are you, your age and your species?

Envy -
Mah name's Envy and technically Ah'm twelve since Ah'm an emotion livin' in Riley's head but, physically and mentally Ah'm about 18 to 20 years old. 

Boredom - I'm Boredom. I’m twelve technically speaking but, I'd say I'm somewhere in my early twenties and I’m a personification of the emotion boredom.

2. How did you guys get together?

Envy - Well, our relationship started out as a little ol' ruse to make Disgust jealous that Ah was Boredom’s girlfriend but she didn’t care but, one thing led to another and we've been together ever since.

Boredom - I had a crush on Disgust, she wasn’t interested so, I decided to try to make her jealous by pretending to date Envy but, that backfired since she and Trust were happy that I finally got a girlfriend and could leave them alone finally so, I started dating Envy instead and we've been together for a long time now.

3. What makes your partner special to you?

Envy - He was the only guy who decided to accept mah advances even though he was only usin' me for a ruse but, we fell for each other in the end.

Boredom - She manages to put up with me and sometimes, I wonder what a hot girl like her saw in a big dope like me even though I was using her to get Disgust to date me.

4. Aw that's so sweet! So, have you ever been suspicious of your partner?

Envy - Ah was kinda the jealous type before but, Ah know Boredom would never do anything to catch mah suspicions.

Boredom - Not really, no.

5. So what's the most embarrassing moment you've shared with your partner?

Envy - There’s been plenty of embarrassing moments. Ah don’t wanna talk about it.

Boredom - There was one time where I’m just laying down on the couch playing with some apps when suddenly, Envy calls me seductively and wouldn’t you know it, she's bottomless I could see everything even though she normally goes commando. Anyway, My nose is bleeding and I’m too turned on to say anything. She’s about to give me the night of my life but then I noticed the others were all staring at us in shock. I babble until I manage a "Behind you.” That’s when the others let us know they’re there and she immediately gets off of me and hides behind the couch embarrassed and puts her Daisy Dukes back on. I take her back upstairs to comfort her and soon after we go at it like rabbits.

6. Oh I see...So, do you believe in sex after marriage? 

Envy - Absolutely. 

Boredom - I believe in sex before and after marriage because of Envy and I didn’t regularly have sex, we wouldn’t have had our daughter.

7. Interesting...Now do you have any sexual desires you would like to try with your partner? If yes, what is it?

Envy - Ah’ve always wanted to try that S&M stuff.

Boredom - No comment.

8. Okay, now what really turns you on?

Envy - Well, attractive guys mostly but, usually Boredom treating me well.

Boredom - Seeing Envy naked also, butts.

9. What do you guys find attractive about each other appearance wise?

Envy - Ah just love his big ol' belly and his soft black hair 

Boredom - Her face, that luscious green hair and her butt

10. What if you caught your partner with another man/women? Would you instantly assume that he/she is cheating on you or would you consider them friends? What would happen?

Envy- When we first met Peace after the Train of Thought dropped her off with the daydreams, Ah was jealous of her thinking she would take Boredom from me but, they became friends instead. Ah know Boredom would never cheat on me Ah mean, he turned Super Horny A.K.A. Libido down.

Boredom - Nope.

11. Do you two fight often?

Envy - We don’t fight often just small arguments but everything turns out well in the end.

Boredom - Sometimes but not often.

12. What do you guys like to do together?

Envy - Apart from taking care of our baby, we love makin’ sweet music together. And that ain’t just a euphemism we usually play music.

Boredom - Playing with the baby, jamming out, cuddling on the couch and going out on dates.

13. How do you feel towards your partners family members? Do you even know them?

Envy - Bein' emotions in a twelve year old girl's head, we don’t have family members however, Boredom sees Joy as a sister and she’s pretty nice if not as somewhat inconsiderate at times.

Boredom - Well, the closest thing Envy has to a family member is Love who is like a sister and she’s a lovely lady.

14. Since we are on the topic of family, do you two wish to start a family together? 

Envy - Boredom and Ah are already a family since we have our baby but, Ah would consider havin' more kids.

Boredom - Well, we have a baby already so, we have a family.

15. Who's the messiest?

Envy - Ah'll give y'all a hint, he's orange and fat.

Boredom - [raises hand] Guilty as charged.

16. Favorite sex position?

Envy - Reverse cowgirl. Ah usually have to be on top since he’s too big. Belly wise that is! [giggles]

Boredom - Once again, no comment.

17. Alright, the meme is done! What will you do now?

Envy -
Probably see what Boredom’s up to.

Boredom - Play with the baby.

I tag: No one. You can do this if you want.
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Happy New Year, everybody!
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Thank You

1 min read
Thanks for all the birthday wishes yesterday, everyone!
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