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Hey all! 

Last month, my contract at my last job ran out, and I've been looking for a new job but to no avail (where I live, public transport is not great, and I can't drive due to disability, so I'm really limited in what I can do OTL) so I thought I'd make a post about commissions, patreon stuff, etc. if anyone was thinking of commissioning me, or wanting to support me/my art/etc monetaily in other ways, now would be a really thankful time. I have enough saved up to pay for this months rent and next month.

Regarding commissions, my full commission info and slots can be found here on my Google Docs - I'll put some examples of prices at the bottom of this journal! 

On my Patreon, I tend to post wips, and I try to post at least once per day! I tend to upload art several days on Patreon before it's uploaded on here or on my art blog, and if I get enough interest I'll dedicate more time to creating speed paints and posting blank lineart and such <: 

Pretty much everything gets posted at the $5 level right now, though speedpaints/time lapses/etc would be usually $10 tier, then released later on for everyone (probably after a week or two). 

I also have a Ko-Fi and a Paypal donation link encase anyone just wants to throw a one off donation my way - my ko-fi is here  and my Paypal is here!

Regarding commissions, there's no hard and fast pricing as it depends heavily on what you want/the complexity of the image, but here's how I'd price some of my previous art. I will also be adding more examples as I complete more pictures over the next few days! 

Disclaimer: This apply to one-off, standalone illustrations of fanart, fan characters, or non-commercial original characters!
If you'd like me to illustration something that plans on being published, eg. a book cover, an illustration for a commercial project, advertisement, magazine spread, etc. please contact me at as these prices do not cover/reflect those types of paid work.

Ribombee Pixel Practise by Takoto £7 to £13  ($9 to $16)  (depending on creature complexity)

2018 Fursona Icon by Takoto  Lucia [ Icon ] by Takoto £15  / $19 (less complex characters would be less, more complex characters would be more)

Mew by Takoto Bulbawhat by Takoto £20 / $26  (simple background, simple Pokémon)
08092018 by Takoto  PORYGON Z by Takoto £30 / $39 (half body humanoid, simple/no background) (simple two characters, simple background)

MISSINGNO  MELTAN by Takoto  Witchy Sona by Takoto £35 / $45 (full bodies, more complex, simple/no backgrounds)

Valerie by Takoto £50 / $65 |  God of Light by Takoto £60 / $80 (full body/almost full body, full background)

Reference sheets start at around £90 / $115 for three figures (flat colours) and I hope to have examples of these soon! 

If you would like to commission me, feel free to note me on here, or send an e-mail to with a description of what you want.

✦ Payment is accepted through PayPal or UK Bank transfer! Unless you're a returning commissioner, I may ask for half the payment before the image is complete, and the other half after it's completed! 

✦ I can/will send multiple work in progress shots during the commission. I will ask for your approval at the sketch stage, base colour stage, and around halfway through the shading stage! Once completed, I'll send you a large version of the image, a small version of it, and a small watermarked version of it. 

✦ If you commission me, you're free to upload the image wherever you want (deviantArt, Facebook, FurAffinity, Twitter, etc), you can print it out, put it on a shirt, use it as the cover of a fanfiction, use it in YouTube videos, etc...

✦ But if you plan on selling the image in any capacity, please inform me as this will incur an extra charge and we will need to discuss rights to the image. Please also note clearly in the e-mail/note if you intend to for it to be used in a commercial project from the get-go!

Of course there is absolutely no obligation to support me on Patreon or donate or anything - pretty much all the art I create I eventually upload onto here or my sketchblog, but I would be extremely grateful. I understand that times are tough monetarily for a lot of people right now, and a lot of my followers tend to be on the younger side, so as said, please do not feel obligated or anything! 

Thank you for reading!
- Takoto
© 2018 - 2021 Takoto
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