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Hi guys, takoballs here! That's right, after being completely dead on DA for a year, I've come back! And I've done some cleaning up, but I'm too whimpy to actually delete anything so I reorganized my gallery by year. (Wow it's been about 5-6 years since I started this account) I'm going to start updating my DA gallery more frequently from now on, maybe. I'll probably upload things in bulk, hopefully I won't kill your inboxes too much. If I do I'm sorry!! /o\ Well, thank you for reading! I'm not that great at writing journal entries. ;; Now it's time to get crackin'! 6(`・ω・´)9
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I had an entry written, but I lost it because I refreshed the page. OTL The Con was nice, but it didn't seem that hyped up this year. I had so much bad luck with Panels/Screenings. I wanted to go to the Professor Layton: Eternal Diva screening on Friday; was filled orz. I also wanted to got to the Guilty Crown World Premiere, but that was also filled orz. Then on Sunday, I needed to make sure I got into that Tiger & Bunny Panel, or else people would have heard me ranting the whole day, about how I watched T&B since episode 1 came out. I got on line 2 hours early to get good seats, I was 5th on line! o/ along with Inniisfree (https://www.deviantart.com/inniisfree) And I
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If you bought a copy, Thank you!! --------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys, A bunch of artists are getting together and making an Art Book called, Rising Sun, dedicated to raising money for Japan after the earthquake. Artists such as... ~Hooooon (https://www.deviantart.com/hooooon):iconmou-s::iconhakuku::iconfuripon::icon1-kilometer::iconcatgirlkari::iconhakumo::iconaugipaw::iconfeeshseagullmine::iconlekker: and many more! This book contains art by these artists showing what they love about Japan. I was also invited recently to take a part in this, but I hope I can finish in time. I'm thinking of drawing an illustration themed "
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asadbfhdsgvbffva!!! Ohmyglob I love your art so much!!! I must watch you immediately!!! <33333
Awesome art styleTaiga and Minori (I miss you hug) [V1] 
Kyaa your name (takoballs) its funny C:
Your art is so cute and your painting is great *_*
i see that your selling at Springfest heh i love the art work :3
keep it up hope to see you at a con im selling at soon :3
Hey, I love your style! I see you're going to be at springfest, so will I. Would you be willing to do an art trade?
I just recently read One Punch Man AND Magi so it's lovely to see your Genos and Morgiana piece. *_* The rest of your gallery is wonderful as well!