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Im taking part in an architectural competition (yes, again! to be honest it's what I do in my life :) ) for a futuristic design in Warsaw. It would be really great if you vote for me by… by  clicking a heart next to my design, typing your email and confirming it (it might be in spam folder). Check out of course other entries. You can switch the language on the site to Polish/English in the upper right hand corner. 
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design description: The project involves the creation of a set of three city mountains on the former FSO test track. Detached houses with gardens are designed on the slope of the highest mountain. Access to the buildings are possible from a spiral ramp around the hill. Services are located on the second hill and on the third one a kindergarten, a school, and a sports center with a football club for young people from Praga district are available. Pulled-up buildings have allowed a recreation park to be designed in the surrounding area. A large number of lawns generate biomass that, suitably processed, could be burned in the incinerator located inside the highest mountain. The CITY MOUNTAIN would generate a new:
QUALITY OF SOCIAL LIFE -mountain : an accumulation of buildings - availability of many different functions in a small area - houses with gardens - more flats - the release of land - park - a large public space –space for sport and recreation for the inhabitants of Warsaw - education through sport for young people from Praga district
RESPECT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT - pulled-up buildings - saving space - the accumulation of functions - biogas - green energy - the usage of easily accessible and currently wasted material to produce energy (grass from the park and surrounding green areas of Warsaw) - park - a natural landscape park on the bank of the Vistula River - no destruction of the ecosystem - a large biologically active space, biogas fuel
QUALITY OF THE ARCHITECTURE -restoring multi-layered social life in a post-industrial, degraded area - houses with gardens 15 minutes from the city center - the preservation of Vistula River's natural bank.



Thanks in advance!!!! Maja
btw. thanks so much for Your help and lovely comments regarding this art thief, you're so awesome <3

 Thanks in advance!!!! Maja
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Voted! Good luck!
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Nice job :). I just wonder if there is something about the public transport network, or perhaps is it not so convenient in city mountain ?
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public transport will be available - there could be a river tram, I mean a ship I don't know the exact name in English,  and trams along the road adjacent to mountains. What's more the bus could ride along the spiral road.  
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Voted! freaking awesome design! I'll be shocked if you don't win!
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A magnificent proposal.  Sleek and well thought out.
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thank you, you're so nice!
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I wish more urban planners would think along these lines.  :nod:
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I voted for your plan, good luck. It 's a great plan. Do hope for the people of Warsaw you win 
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so cool, thank you!
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Voted for you! Man, I really hope you win! Great idea :D
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I love the look of this, and I could defiantly imagine living somewhere like this, but I have two questions. 1 what's the water runoff management, and what's the plan for erosion prevention long term
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1. we don't have problem with water in Poland - we are always flooded, however we have plenty of it. I know that it's a problem in some part od the world but we are happily not one of that countries, and that design is upon the largest rivers in Poland. 2. the mountain won't be build as artificial rock - it's just the name. it could be built using concrete and modern materials. It will be empty inside.
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You put a lot of thought and effort into this, I can tell...from the positions of everything to the aesthetic appeal of the design.  I just have to ask, though: did you have an avocado in mind while making this?  I just kept staring at the terraced mountain and thinking "avocado.  Avocado Mountain." 
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hahhahahah I love you, that's so funny, no I didn't can't stop laughting
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Haha, oh that's awkward.  Guess we all see things differently?  Good luck in the competition, I just voted for you after viewing the others.
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Good luck! :heart:
I was accepted into the Architecture University that will start this October and I hope that one day I'll be as good as you are and be able to call you a colleague. ;)
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thank you so much!!! and congratz
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Done! Good luck! ;) (by the way, this looks fantastic!)
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