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Hi Guys,
Sorry I haven't added anything new for such a long time - soon it will change.
This is all because I married Zawij :3 and we're creating a new space for living and working!
FullSizeRender by takmaj

It wasn't only happy time, few days before the wedding my beloved Grandmum died, and I am deeply sad about it:(
It's a challenging time for me right now, but I will start developing my Deviantart profile and I have an idea for a new project, that I hope will be big for me! stay tuned!
and btw you can check out out invitations that we designed and created:

more on Behance…
Hi Guys,

I've created something completely new recently: the cover for Heavy Metal Magazine. It's an architectural guitar 
and now I would like to ask you if you could vote for it (or simply add some points from 1-5) in the competition on this website:…

Heavy Metal by takmaj

Thanks in advance!
DUNDUNDUN!  I'd like to present you Zawij who has recently joined DA, well started to upload his works here :D . I'm pasting here a few thumbnails but to see more
I guess you just have to check out his profile page. He is just amazingly talented when it comes to drawing & painting! We were studying architecture together...
What are you still doing here? Go and see his works and welcome him here please :D 

Cortona, Italy by ZawijBritain's cold night in warm colors. by Zawij
nita by ZawijIcy white waters in forest black onyx mountains by Zawij
I joined DeviantART 5 years ago, thanks to my old friend akreon . We know each other for 8
years now, we took the drawing classes togheter, cause both of us wanted to study
architecture. We passed the exam in drawing and were at the same year at the Warsaw University
of Technology. At first I started to upload my drawing to Polish version of deviantart (I
didn't know there was such a website as then). When Akreon told me about
deviantart I was so shocked that I hadn't known it before. People were so kind here, and she
posted a journal then that I created my profile here, so many of akreon 's followers welcomed me
here super kindly.
I love Deviantart since then, I love spending my time here, even if's only a virtual world, it
seems very real to me. Thank you for the ability of making friends and be a part of this very
specific and lovely society <3

Hi Guys,
I had this super weird situation on facebook today. I woke up and saw that my friend Ev-sta had posted a comment with congratz for me. The super popular fanpage published my works. Evan recognized my works, cause he knows them and what I do, but there was no name and no link to my deviantart or facebook in the post, no credits at all. I asked them politely if they could add my name and link to my fanpage on facebook, but didn't get any reply. I wrote an email to the website related to this fanpage, to admin, to this fanpage and nothing happened. Meanwhile the post got over 15.000 likes and 1000 shares, and people were asking who the author is. I got really mad. At the end of the they someone replied me that the post was cancelled and "We remove your artwork from our page, we try to support and promote you and your beautiful art with your name on the title. Good luck" Is that something wrong with me? I know people can't use music and photos without permission, but what has happened to the art? I'm soo pissed off, and I really want to read your opinion about this.
Hi Guys!

Visit my tumblr to see more - works in progress, details etc

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx by takmaj
Opera de Paris by takmaj
Hi Guys,
you can watch an interview with me :)…
and listen to it here:…
just click the speaker icon ;)
Dddddddd by takmaj

A by takmaj
Dear Fellow Deviants!
I'm finally back from my holiday in Italy. I'm seriously super-tanned, relaxed and happy. And this is just a quick update:
1. Do you remember my "Colored pencils' design?
Colored pencils by takmaj

It's finally painted on the stairs in Poznań by local artist Noriaki. This is the result:
10525645 735468066515543 8189858814877942201 N by takmaj15165 735465726515777 584433821217786614 N by takmaj

PAINTED by takmaj
10516839 735465709849112 4457285987196792816 N by takmaj
photos by Tomek Hejna

2. I was at Biennale in Venice and saw my works at the exhibition and took some photos! I was super excited to see them there!!!

10549615 1474522362790039 1083525622 N by takmaj

3. I unfortunatelly haven't won the Derwent competition, so Im happy to say prints and original are available to purchase here:… :)

Rouen by takmaj

4. I was invited to the Radio (POLSKIE RADIO CZWÓRKA) !!!!!!! There will be an interview with me tomorrow. You can listen to it and even watch me speaking Polish here:,Czworka
tomorrow at 12:15 of Polish time (10:15 UTC)
I missed You soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much <3
Hi, I'm going on holiday tomorrow, to Italy, and I'm not sure if I have Internet access there. I've planned
some posts on Facebook…;:) See You Guys in two weeks!
Wow, I've woken up, and saw someone gave me 1 year Premium Membership anonymously. This is literally the nicest thing that happened to me lately! Thank you dear  Anonymous :*
excuse me Guys, but am I totally uninformed or 3months premium membership is no longer available to buy on DA?
Hi Guys!
Oferta by takmaj
Hi Guys!
My works appeared on Pretty Little Liars' set, and you can see them on the last episode of Pretty Little Liars!!
37-2 by takmaj
Queensboro Bridge by takmaj
Hi Guys!
Oferta by takmaj
hi, Guys, sorry this time Polish only -Interview with me was published in one of the biggest Polish newspaper (digital version)

Wywiad ze mną dla,107881,16124476,Jej_prace_znajda_sie_na_planie_dwoch_popularnych_amerykanskich.html
Fv by takmaj
Hi Guys!
Oferta by takmaj
Hi there fellows,
today I got a mail with a virus on my gmail account. How can I report the guy who sent it to me? He had contacted me before but I didnt want to work with him. I read all google support and I can report only phishing not sending viruses. :((((((((((((((
wow Guys, you are awesome! Many many thanks for your help and many thanks for your will to help <3 Special thanks to  jimandpam  Grangerbookworm ArkenstoneStar shadowshot9 VinceAndrews DolceCielo Yokoboo you are truly nice people <3
it was a description of my design, you can read it here :…
hi Guys!
Please help me win 3000$ by liking my photo on the contest's website, you can login with facebook, instagram or twitter to vote:

me by takmaj

Many many thanks in advance! 
Finally, my own Big Cartel store! All works painted, scanned, printed, signed and sent my me!!!

You have no idea, how I'm proud of myself that I was able to create this. I have been thinking about this for 2 years now,
and now it's ready! If it will go well I'll probably add more prints and maybe some originals :)

some printscreens:
Sklep by takmaj
Ny1 by takmajParis1 by takmajSiena1 by takmaj
Woods1 by takmaj