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watercolor galaxy textures

Hi guys! <3 I created some watercolor galaxy textures, and I'm totally new at it, so if I make something wrong, please tell me:)
Pack contains;
-7.jpg files 2000x3000px .
inspired by a great song: [link]
fav, credit and comment required if you download, PLEASE.
my facebook page: [link]

my other pictures:

RULES WHEN USING; ( I found somewhere on deviantart, please follow them)
Credit me in the description of your work.
Note me back with the link to your finished piece or leave a link on my page.
Do not redestribute them in any way or claim them as your own.
Print permission is allowed to all deviants.
Non commercial use.
[link] zip file for mac, let me know if it works properly
hope you like it, just a little bit :)
© 2012 - 2021 takmaj
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Thx for sharing absolutely gorgeous work

beautiful textures

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thank you,, i'll make sure to link you if i ever use it,, hehehe i'm collecting pretty textures rn <33

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hey, i am going to use your art for a school game project, iI can send it after if you want

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Mystics and Mystery by Aedrielle
Fireheart's Sky by Aedrielle
Fabled Meadows by Aedrielle
Used here as well :)
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Starlight Sonata by Aedrielle
Used here thank you :) Beautiful textures :)
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My weaknesses!

Watercolor and galaxies~!
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These are beautiful!
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i will probably be using this for a comic project at school. if i finish it, i will send u a copy of the finished page if you want to see it because i won't be uploading it here. thank you veru much for your wonderful texture!
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thank you so much
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thank you for your textures! i might not be able to post them on deviantart but i'll make sure to note you a copy of the work!!
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Hi ! I used your textures throughout my art piece The Great GG and Fluffals.
thank you so much for making these amazing textures!!! downloaded them and are credited in this link:…
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