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Winter in Paris

snow is falling all around me (!!!) under the Eiffel tower, Paris, and wait, what a coincidence, every single umbrella is red :)
just kidding, I'm in my sweet warm armchair :)
watercolor on paper, and dry pastels,  42x56cm
hope you like it a little bit :*

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Amazing work 💯

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Thank you for this beautiful moment.

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Tous simplement magnifique !
Chapeau l'Artiste.
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I like it a lot not a little bit
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that's what I call art!
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'Smoke & Mirrors'...
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I love the graphic quality of this piece. Just lovely. Thank you for sharing!
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I love your work, this is a joy to look at 😀
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a really delicate use of colors, very beautiful
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Absolutely love the angle of this, it's so enchanting! :heart: 
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I'm looking at a utube video of yours and amazed at your work !x
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wonderful blending of colors!!!
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great work Maja!!!
Thank's a lot for beeing an inspiration :-)
cheers from Zurich
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thank you so much
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The most noticeable in your art if the very high quality of the mix of the watercolor and the straight lines. Watercolor usualy is messy, but you do it in architectural drawings and this is so beautiful !
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amazing ♥♥♥♥
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Absolutely brilliant!
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I am neither an artist nor an art critic, but in my view, the most important thing any artist can have is a unique style.  For me, this is true of any artist working in any art form.  

Visual art is simply an individual's visual representation and interpretation of the artist's world.  That interpretation can be realistic, surrealistic, or abstract, it can be primitive or technically advanced, it can be heavily influenced or not, but it must be the artist's own.

Your work exhibits great technical skill and is often quite beautiful, but what I like the most about it is that whenever I see one of your images, I instantly know that it is yours.  Your work is uniquely yours.
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