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Watercolor tutorial

A lot of You guys, asked me lately, if I can submit a watercolor tutorial. I'm not sure if I didn't make any language mistakes, but I hope you can understand what I wrote :D It's my second tutorial. I tried to write what I did at every step. I also took a photo of every step during painting. Hope it's helpful! :heart:
watercolor on paper
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Thanks for the tutorial!! Awesome painting, by the way <3
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very delicate and beautiful
hey takmaj . im going to use you as my artist modle for my last year of high school for art. i just wondering if i can get some tips from u as what kind of paint do u use and paper. im absulodly stuned by ur painting. it would be great if u can give me a bit of help :) 
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I really like this! Thanks for the tutorial! I'll definitely use this to help out! :D
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Thank you for the tutorial, and the painting is fantastic!
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Thank you so much for the beautiful watercolor painting and the tutorial. :)
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1rst-This painting is beautiful
2nd-You didn't mean actual coffee did you?
It would be interesting to paint with cofee though...XD
I got watercolor paper for Christmas so im learning to use it.
I hope by learning to do so I can advance as an artist
Thank you for this tutorial It helps a lot to see it broken step by step.
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Thanks for sharing a tutorial. You're a very talented painter! :)
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thank you so much!
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Very cool, and thank you^^
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This is great thank you
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Very helpful! thank you for the tutorial!

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By using the wooden end, are you just dragging some paint out into lines?
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you're frggin amazing i'm going to try all your stuff!! wish me luck (:
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thaaanks! <3
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