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NYC panorama

WOW, first of all thank you for Birthday wishes they are all so cute!!!!!
I found my new source of inspiration :  large modern cities. <3 :heart: :love: 
This is the second panorama I created recently - this is the first one:  Sunshine in NYC by takmaj

I feel so good while creating those large panoramas, it's so refreshing for me, cause I was a little fed up with painting historical buildings over and over! I was looking for topic that can bring me pure happiness with painting and I found that in those views of modern cities. I've already created the sketch for the Client from US with view of London, and I hope to paint more skyscrapers soon. Please suggest me in the comment what city with skyscrapers I should paint next! I upload a lot of 'work in progress' photos and videos on my Facebook and Instagram, check them out too. 
Panorama was painted with watercolors on 300g Fabriano Gamma Gamma paper 50x 201 cm. 

And now the best information -…

you can also watch the speed-painting on Youtube, I created it with my birthday present GoPro Hero5 session, both video and camera are pretty cool :D :…… other works:  Winter in Paris by takmaj Warsaw by takmaj Wroclaw by takmaj Evening in Poznan by takmaj
my FB page :…
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Very cool sketch !

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Do you have this available in a larger size?
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SO beautiful! WOW! How in the world did you make such precise boxes and lines with watercolor! WOW!
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This is really breathtaking.
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You're art work it's amazing. With watercolors is very difficult to detail stuffs, but you reach it. Congrats.
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You're welcome girl. I like ink works of buildings, and perhaps with a piece of watercolor color. But watching your works, inspire me for making other things. I see your article of DA about your work. I think is very good in all senses. Congrats. See you soon. 
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it's so cool!
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a lot of work, amazing work :)
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