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Moscow- as I promised :) my newest deviation painted from the photo I found on the internet, watercolor on paper 42x56cm. Sorry I haven't submitted anything for so long - I have exams at school and I have a loooooooooot of work. hope you like it :heart:
my other works : ombre Reims by takmaj Venezia by takmaj Brooklyn Bridge by takmaj Lecce by takmaj Venezia by takmajCarousel by takmaj
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Hello! I came across your beautiful artworks and I was really stunned by them. I'm currently doing my GCSE art coursework and I am planning to put you as one of my artist research. Is it okay if you could answer some questions for me? Please reply if you can, it would mean a lot to me. Thanks!
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You know what's weird?  I was searching Moscow, and the first two results were this, and this:… That one was directly above this one.
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that is funny
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a beautiful painting of our wonderful national monument
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Thanks so much! :la:
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Now that's some fine colours for St. Basils cathedral.
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Your work is so so so beautiful. Where did you learn? I'm so jealous, I can't do any art.
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It is nice painting but, if the background colors were lighter like light blue or light purple it would be nicer, anyways good work take it easy and good day.Clap :o (Eek) I am a dummy! w00t! 
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many thanks! :la:
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Thanks to you to...and hello and good dayO_o OMG! I can't contain my excitement! w00t! Handshake  And take it easy.
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Wow, so beautiful - I'd love to visit. I love the colours you used :-)
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many thanks! :la:
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Awesome ! Really love that red^^
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i love the colors of this!
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I love your work! I love the way you capture an architecture. My friend really loves Russia, so for Xmas, I'm thinking about doing her a painting of Moscow. Would you mind if I use your work as a reference?
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oriental art, is so cool too with your work!
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Is this a Собор Василия Блаженного?
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