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I open 2 slots of any type of commission again! The last time I did it was spring! What is more, now I can work with scenes better! I just need your wishes and description.

Some information about commissions:
• PAYPAL only. I start work only after getting half the cost of commission (sketch), and continue after the full payment.

• if you want a refund for your order - I'll send you part of them depending on which stage your commission is for the current moment (if the artwork is not started yet - you get 100% back);

• I always send а sketch to the commissioner. you can also ask me to show you wips at the each stage

• You are allowed to use your picture for Non-Commercial use only 
I have the right to upload the Commission to my galleries

• I take the right to refuse a Commission, if i dislike the topic/theme/character. 
Commissions with character's nudity are possible, ask me about. but i don't draw nsfw

• If you want to order a Commission, please write in the notes

portrait 45$ +10-15$ for bg
in the old temple by Takirokudark magic by Takirokugorgon by Takiroku

halfbody 60-70$ + 15-20$ for bg
keep the distance by Takirokuprice for security by Takirokupearl angel by Takirokucentaur by Takiroku

fullbody 90-110$ + 20-30$ for bg
dancing in the night by Takirokuguardians by TakirokuChetauri by Takirokukota by Takiroku
Hello guys! I want to share with you my sketch blog
There will be some requests and stuff that I draw fast. May be works with my human OCs
hello everyone! 
i need money for an operation for my Little-cat. i hope somebody wants to commission me. I'll be very grateful.

main price-list is here:

why not. i want to try:

if you are interested, please write me a note with your wishes\ideas and character, maybe wishes about mood\emotion, then i will send you my PayPal and after the payment you can tell me about any details. i usually send the sketch of comission for approval

1. DeathHydra  DeathHydra
2. ValentineHearts
3. ValentineHearts
5. WinterCritter
7. DeathHydra  DeathHydra

i will do it all until the end of June, beginning of July. so be patient
my to-do now is 2 comissions 

thank you for attention