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Pidge and space floofs by Taki-chanEDM Pidge and space floofs :icontaki-chanedm:Taki-chanEDM 7 0 Meet the artist tag by Taki-chanEDM Meet the artist tag :icontaki-chanedm:Taki-chanEDM 7 5 Fantine and her Cats commision for Nomi Starry by Taki-chanEDM Fantine and her Cats commision for Nomi Starry :icontaki-chanedm:Taki-chanEDM 4 4 Lapis Basball Bob outfit ft. Peridot (Human AU) by Taki-chanEDM Lapis Basball Bob outfit ft. Peridot (Human AU) :icontaki-chanedm:Taki-chanEDM 7 0 Mystery Girl by Taki-chanEDM Mystery Girl :icontaki-chanedm:Taki-chanEDM 3 1 Taki NASTY space tank top doodle by Taki-chanEDM Taki NASTY space tank top doodle :icontaki-chanedm:Taki-chanEDM 4 1 Taki senaca hoodie doodle by Taki-chanEDM Taki senaca hoodie doodle :icontaki-chanedm:Taki-chanEDM 3 1 Taki Flower crown (old profile picture) by Taki-chanEDM Taki Flower crown (old profile picture) :icontaki-chanedm:Taki-chanEDM 3 0 I have teal hair now! by Taki-chanEDM I have teal hair now! :icontaki-chanedm:Taki-chanEDM 4 2 Barnaby And Blanca Doodle by Taki-chanEDM Barnaby And Blanca Doodle :icontaki-chanedm:Taki-chanEDM 8 1 Percybeth Doodle by Taki-chanEDM Percybeth Doodle :icontaki-chanedm:Taki-chanEDM 5 0 Glaceon Doodle (FAIL) by Taki-chanEDM Glaceon Doodle (FAIL) :icontaki-chanedm:Taki-chanEDM 2 1 Echo Pandora Hearts by Taki-chanEDM Echo Pandora Hearts :icontaki-chanedm:Taki-chanEDM 5 0 Honey bee girl by Taki-chanEDM Honey bee girl :icontaki-chanedm:Taki-chanEDM 4 0 CHB shirt Taki by Taki-chanEDM CHB shirt Taki :icontaki-chanedm:Taki-chanEDM 10 1 Tv Head yami kawii by Taki-chanEDM Tv Head yami kawii :icontaki-chanedm:Taki-chanEDM 4 1
Here's where I keep all my art! (mostly digital)


Blue by makimi Blue :iconmakimi:makimi 96 13 Yubooh - Es una escuela de brujas - 2 by Paulinaapc Yubooh - Es una escuela de brujas - 2 :iconpaulinaapc:Paulinaapc 3,490 62 Whacky Roommates by ikimaru-art Whacky Roommates :iconikimaru-art:ikimaru-art 640 11 Space Dad by Nomi-starry Space Dad :iconnomi-starry:Nomi-starry 39 2 [UI] The Festival? by CuriousThymes [UI] The Festival? :iconcuriousthymes:CuriousThymes 5 4 I wish we understood. by Nomi-starry I wish we understood. :iconnomi-starry:Nomi-starry 13 6 It'll be okay. Just keep trying, Please. by Nomi-starry It'll be okay. Just keep trying, Please. :iconnomi-starry:Nomi-starry 8 2 Lapis Doodles by Nomi-starry Lapis Doodles :iconnomi-starry:Nomi-starry 15 3 Tourquise Love by spiritwolf762 Tourquise Love :iconspiritwolf762:spiritwolf762 2 0 Droopy Lavender by spiritwolf762 Droopy Lavender :iconspiritwolf762:spiritwolf762 1 0 Not a vent just a sketch :/ by Nomi-starry Not a vent just a sketch :/ :iconnomi-starry:Nomi-starry 11 2 Fishbending by ikimaru-art Fishbending :iconikimaru-art:ikimaru-art 725 8 Red n blue by Daycolors Red n blue :icondaycolors:Daycolors 3,673 106 peri and lappy by marreeps peri and lappy :iconmarreeps:marreeps 4,198 111 Sunchine sights by engineer345 Sunchine sights :iconengineer345:engineer345 8 11 hmmmmmmmmmm by marreeps hmmmmmmmmmm :iconmarreeps:marreeps 4,716 106




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Call me Taki! ^^
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hi! my name is Taki! I may still be a young teenager but I love to draw and am trying hard to improve. I'm currently teaching myself how to animate.
I do commissions for free! I also take fan art suggestions!
Check out my YouTube channel!…


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I forgot how much work animating is...…Sweat 2 Extreme shy emoji free to use sweating 
Fantine and her Cats commision for Nomi Starry
I hope you like it Nomi!!! Thank you so much for asking for a commission, it was a lot of fun!! I wanted to put a lot of detail in it for some reason so I did lol
I absolute loooove Fantine she's rlly cool and her cats are really funny too ~(*^*)~
I'd sugjest saving the image on to your computer/phone to zoom in and take a look at the detail ^^
Lapis Basball Bob outfit ft. Peridot (Human AU)
so I just recently got into the Steven Universe fandom and they are still in shambles from the new season lol. I thought that Bob's outfit was super cute and I decided to draw Lapis in it with Peri or the side (Btw I drew Peridot from memory so it's probably not the best, sorry)
But any way I really love Lapis and Peridot, I like Lapis mostly because I can relate to a not so great past and emotional trauma. But I'm also insane like Peri lol.
Mystery Girl
So I saw this super cute girl at yellow stone and I wanted to get her picture buuuuuut I'm too shy so I just memorized the way she looked lol
I'm gay for girls with Carmel haired girls with glasses
Taki NASTY space tank top doodle
Me when I'm trying to look hot but failing lol
and I know my hair is teal/green now but it wouldn't fit the picture so I didn't put it in
I would totally wear this tho, I don't own it unfortunately
Taki senaca hoodie doodle
I love my new hair so much, I've gotten so many random complements! (some how my art improved overnight bc this looks better than the one I drew yesterday??)
:souleatermoon: PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT:souleatermoon: 
I have teal hair now!
In case your wondering it's not just my persona that has teal hair! It's me too!
<da:thumb id="745092180"/>
Barnaby And Blanca Doodle
this is my good friend graytown's D&D oc, Barnaby with my D&D oc, Blanca
see Barnaby's character design here: deviantART…
Echo Pandora Hearts
I spent three hours on this piece of trash. its not in my art style so that's why it looks awful but my friend said I should post it anyway so here it is.
I really love this character and I really want to cosplay as her, but we'll see. Pandora Hearts was actually my first anime besides Pokémon (If Pokémon even counts) It would be fun to be an emotionless girl with super long sleeves and point daggers at people ehe.
Guuuuuuh... I need motivation to draw but I'm so worn out from animating for a school project... well the good news is I only have less than a week of school left! then I can draw aaaallllll summer looong ehe. aaannnnyyywaayyy if anyone wants a commission just ask please, (they are 100% free!) basically I'm going to be bored over the summer and need ideas for stuff to draw so ask away!
Honey bee girl
I did this quick sketch the other week of a cute girl at my church who has a great sense of style and is very sweet. she seemed to be very impressed when I showed her this even though I only spent an hour on it Sweating a little... 
CHB shirt Taki
I was bored and decided to draw my self (not my persona that's the TV head in my animations) I've done a few digital self portraits before and uploaded them but those were reeeeeaaaaalllllllyyyyy old and awful so anyway this is what I look like now! (I'm not that cute irl I don't think lol) I cut my hair again much to the disappointment of my family (but they let me do it anyway???) as you guys can probably tell the feet are absolutely atrocious... I'm sorry! but anyway I really love the PJO and HOO series as I have previously mentioned and I do own a camp half-blood shirt that I do enjoy wearing even if it is...very...brightly colored.... (I'm kinda goth lol) Also I cave two more weeks of school! woo! It's also kinda sad bc I mostly get all human interaction from school once a week (yeah its confusing I'm going to a homeschool tutorial once a week) and on sundays sooo yeah. I'm currently making and animation for a poem for my end of year project for English class and I hope to impress my class bc no one complemented me on my last art related personation in that class idk tho. I probably will post it on my YouTube channel so you guys can check it ooouuuuttt! wow this has really turned into a life update! continuing with that I'm going to be one vacation for two weeks in early June (covering my birthday too T^T I don't like going on vacation it's 2 weeks away from home with no personal space or privacy and that gives me anxiety) buuuuuut once I get home voltron season 6 is coming out!!!! and I might do something with my friends for my b-day iiiiddddkkkk. theeeeen (wow this is getting long) in july we are getting kittens! I'm really happy because I've always wanted a cat but my fam is a bit allergic but we don't care they are too cute! we aren't sure what it'll be like or anything yet but we are still very exited!
Tv Head Galaxy Sailor Suit
I'm planning on possibly cosplaying as something like this for Halloween or I might just wear the head out in public so I can look more weird ehe
<da:thumb id="745092180"/>


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willykururu Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2018
nice art work do you take request? sorry for being rude
Taki-chanEDM Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes I do! your not being rude, thank you for asking! I also do commissions 100% free of charge so ask away!
willykururu Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2018
excellent i was wondering if you could draw me with rhis clothes here the image of…
and heres the…:

also i would to do a commission but i dont have any money sorry
Taki-chanEDM Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My commissions are for free but I- I think I will have to turn you down on this one because I'm not sure what exactly you want and those things aren't really my area of expertise, I'm very sorry.
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