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Spring Has Come

Gong xi fa cai,

Featuring several

" Chinese HanZi characters idiomatic-lucky-phrases for coming Chinese New Year periods " written on " the genuine Red-Coral-Fossil-Agate " backgrounds.

Enclosed you can find total 44 original designs as,

( 1 ) 4 kinds of upside-down-Single-character on Diagonal-square backgrounds, featuring as somehow 3D-view looks like,

( 2 ) 20 kinds of "4-characters as idiomatic-lucky-phrases" written on long-rectangular backgrounds, featuring as somehow 3D-view looks like, and,

( 3 ) 20 kinds of "4-characters as idiomatic-lucky-phrases" written on long-rectangular flat backgrounds as, featuring as simple plate icons, but in rectangle pixel-wise-icons.


MacOSX close&open folder formats,
(made total 22 combinations)

128x128 ICNS(.icns) icons,
(original 44 images)

some 384x384 PNG(.png) files.
(original 24 images)

also some 110x350 PNG(.png) files.
(original 20 images)

Select your favorite phrases !

All items are free for personal use only.

Have A Happy Chinese New year !!
© 2007 - 2021 taketo
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Information !!

Although, not sure for real deep, deep, actual,
intimate meanings of those very very historical (except one which made by author personally this time !!, though) idioms-phrases consist of 4 Chinese-HanZi-letters, DID BEST EFFORT this time in somehow interpreted( Exegesis !! or moreover, like Eisegesis !!), in somehow people might be possible to catch-up at least the-rough-meanings of each idioms before coming Chinese New year......

Go and download !! the somehow incorrect interpretation here, for your somehow relaxations!!

Prepared one unreliable "Eisegesis" for the Chinese idioms....

Go and Download, do check the file !!
You can get same "Read Me!...Eisegesis-Exegesis" file there !!...

Get here !!
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Further more,

Prepared similar designs in,

as Idiom-images,

Photoshop Drawing Image PSD formats,

128x384 PSD(.psd) files,
512x128 PSD(.psd) files,


SVG(W3C) Scalable Vector Graphics,
-yes, Scalable image formats!

Vertical - SVG(.svg) files,
Horizontal - SVG(.svg) files.

Go here !

For GIMP apps. users,

as Idiom-brushes,

128x384 Vertical GIMP(.gih) files,
512x128 Horizontal GIMP(.gih) files,


128x384 Vertical XCF(.xcf) files,
512x128 Horizontal XCF(.xcf) files,

Go here !

If you have Bryce 5 apps., you may check the 3D-looks like views,

as Idiom-skins,

128x384 Vertical Bryce5(.br5) files,
512x128 Horizontal Bryce5(.br5) files,


128x384 Vertical PNG(.png) files,
512x128 Horizontal PNG(.png) files,

Go here !
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Looking for another formats ??

If you need for your Windows machines,

128x128 ICO(.ico) files,
(44 images)
256x256 PNG(.png) files,
(24 images)
78x250 PNG(.png) files,
(20 images)
384x384 PSD(.psd) files,
(24 images)
110x350 PSD(.psd) files.
(20 images)

Go and See !

Maybe you need for your Unix/Linux etc, machines,

48x48 PNG(.png) files,
64x64 PNG(.png) files,
128x128 PNG(.png) files,
48x48 XPM(.xpm) files,
64x64 XPM(.xpm) files,
128x128 XPM(.xpm) files,
384x384 XCF(.xcf) files,
(24 images)
110x350 XCF(.xcf) files,
(20 images)

Also, SVG(W3C) Scalable Vector Graphic(.svg) file formats,

Go and See !