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Cubepolis Globe Terra Icon set

By taketo
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Don't you ever get tired of looking at the same "Earth globe icons" on your desktop ?
i've seen enough of those so common globes".... : p

Featuring, images of future " Globe Terra ", the mother planet of fantastic and mysterious colonial inner city, the "New-Kowloon-city" located near to "New KaiTak Spaceport" at "New Tsimshatsui" district of deep Space-Gwangdong province... hai-lah ! : )

Dream and enjoy !

30 icon-files each in,
(1)128x128 Portable Network Graphics PNG(.png) files,
(2)128x128 Apple Icon image ICNS(.icns) files,
(3)128x128 Windows Icon image ICO (.ico) files,
(4)128x128 X-window System PixMap XPM(.xpm) files,
(5)128x128 Tagged Image Format TIFF(.tif) files ,
(6)128x128 256-colors Graphic Interchange Format GIF(.gif) files with
(7) 128x128 based (W3C) Scalable Vector Graphics SVG(.svg) files,
for your further customization... : )

Have a fun ! : )

The Free Globe World Blank Map from here(is in Japanese!),

All items are free for your customization.
For personal use only.

Enjoy !!

Other formats are available too..
:) 128x128 MacOSX Close-and-Open-Folders with 128x128 icons in... Mac ICNS(.icns), PNG(.png), Tagged Image File TIFF(.tif), 256 colors Graphic Interchange Format GIF(.gif) and 512x512 PNG(.png) files together(19MB) at here, [link]
:) 32x32 ICO(.ico) files with 256x256 and 600x600 PNG(.png) files are (with other series together 42MB) at here, [link]
:) For Photoshop apps., 600x600 PSD(.psd) files(31.2MB) at here, [link]
:) For GIMP apps., 600x600 XCF(.xcf) files(14.8MB) at here, [link]

:) Other Globes are also available...
America...Norte y Suramerika.... enter at here, [link]

:) Mini Site Map for all "Globe - Earth" series at here ... [link]

:) You can download in various formats of.....
"Cubepolis Recycle Bin icons"... enter at here, [link]
"Cubepolis 3D Folder icons"... enter at here, [link]
© 2008 - 2020 taketo
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