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I gave up on art because I was trying too hard to make it fancy like the stuff I see other folks making without the time or skill necessary. I now realize that I am not them and I should prioritize on what I can do more effectively.
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Both a great write and artist. :3 I shouldn't have wasted time though on my attempt at a web comic with fancy colouring. haha.
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It was fun exploring the possibilities, but in the end I only learned disdain for the effort. Well, that and some new skills.
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Yes your style works just as well in black and white as it does in colour. ^^ Your coloured works are very pleasing to the eye though as well.
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I was inspired by a number of black-and-white webcomics that are out there.
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Nice. I like black and white style. ^^ I used to draw a heavy shaded black and white style too. I like your comics in that style. ^^