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Hi-Tech Desktop Rainmeter for all windows



Please install coretemp and speedfan i include in package if you want to show temperature of CPU core or things like that

If you want the weather show right, please follow this step:
go to this [link] to get the weather code of your location
right click on the weather widget and choose Edit skin, an ini file will be open in notepad
replace all the text "VMXX0006" with the code you get above and all the text "unit=M" with "unit=#metric#" if you prefer fahrenheit than celsius.

To have the Tab launcher show the right icon and execute the right software, you must have a square PNG image with the name exactly the same as the name of the program "you entered" in Setting file (you can open it by right-click on the small icon on the upper-right corner of the Tab launcher. Read more instructions in that file)

For further instruction, just leave comment here or contact me at grandmasterking77@gmail.com. I will Teamview you if necessary.

update 1:
I have made 2 new file to start up CoreTemp and Speedfan automaticaly for everyone didn't have these 2 start with windows.
I added in a spinning orb because it make me feel more like looking at some Hi-Tech dashboard of a spaceship... Enjoy it!

I finally know how to pack for install in all version of windows and rainmeter !

Secondly, I fixed the glitch between tab3 and tab5 !


Refined version!

i am using windows 8 now, and i've just installed Rainmeter yesterday. I found some glitch then and fixed. I hope it is better now. Enjoy !!!
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Hello, Thank you for your work it works really well. Is it possible to change the network in black, i can t change the white color.