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Tear Down the Sun
[Verse 1]
Nicest eyes to my sight, through my armour it slices
From the corner of the right, they send chills up my arm to my spine
Then from the left, I let your hand fill mine
The gaze anhialates any shrill thought arresting my mind
You graze your index on my temple while your iris sizes me up like a stencil, you're like Midas
With a touch so gentle, hope you know I can't handle another crisis
You're so close to me, I can see the lense that lies on your iris
I've found the brightest radiant blue, drivin me mental, staring down at mine when you ride
Even though you say you've got butterflies, I remain terrified
It's just lucky for us that we make love amazing enough to silence me when
You say you've got a date with another guy
I wonder why you won't just say to this guy to go take a hike
Whenever you spoke?
You won't, keepin' me on my toes, so it's a sign that I won't
Let you behind this wall, I'll choke if you invade it
Meanwhile you say you've fallen for me, but I'm too yello
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She's His
[Verse 1]
Butterflies in my stomach
Puts butterflies in my head
Butterflies puts butter beneath my feet
I mistep trying to get her threadless
I'm brought to my knees, trying to get her on her knees
I slip, hit my head and now it's a mess
From scheming to leave these sheets in a mess
I wake up in a sweat, dreaming about making her sweat
Although her heads on my Adams apple checking my breath
It's still a battle for her to straddle me
Because actually whenever we're together
Her daddy never has to lose sleep
No need for him to count sheep,
Just count on me to fetch a net instead
Because my butterflies will never get her int'a bed
It's another guys butterfly knives which triggers her infrared
Got no street cred
No man ever got laid being the good egg
So it's desperate promises of sex before I've left I guess
Fibs so phony in this big city I'm left so lonely
So, I can no longer keep her number in my phone, see?
I can never be in her life if it's with Sanjeep
Because she loves Jeff B
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Bliss Track
[Verse 1]
My promise to you right now
is to make your heart pound
I promise to make your blood course so tight that it'll be forced to stop
I'll force so many rhymes into one line, your eyes will throb
I'll make you grab for so much air that your lungs will pop
like a shopping mall balloon; Five years and it's all still too soon
to excuse you of accusing me of abuse
It's not that I'm not over you
It's just that when I drop your name, I get amused
Especially since you could've prevented this with the truth
And since you were the very cooze that showed me just how much words can bruise
Never again will you leave me without those words to say
Because once I get started grilling you
That dude you sent to my work will have no choice but to fucking drag me away!
This is the Bliss Track!
And like lighting an unlit match
I could write a diss track
Even if it meant a risk on my life
Just to piss you off
Like a lit match I will mister a Bliss Track
As easy as it is to scat
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This Winter
[Verse 1]
I want a picture-perfect permanent fixture to fix amid my heater
I need a woman to make my hot chocolate just that little bit sweeter
I'll be sipping it with her and by the end of winter, we would've consumed a few litres
I want that one reason to flick a switch and top my electricity meter
I want to show my baby that unlike outside, my heart is not a freezer
From the coldness of night, I'll be the bleeder
The fleecy-feature-presenting-cuddle on a two-seater
Someone I can treat like royalty
Baby, jump out from my computer screen
I want to be one with the radiating heat of a beautiful creature
On my neck - I want the warmth of your breath
On my shoulders - I want your fingers to stretch
So tight that it leaves twin hand-prints on my skin
A type of stigma that will outlive the chill this winter
With a heat that can only be applied by the love in a finger
I will be home alone, writing down whatever I think will
Get you here in my arms this winter
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Well Worded Woo Tales
[Verse 1]
You sell those facts that in actual fact are fiction
Only to cover your lacking fixed convictions
I insisted on silence but you've failed to listen
To anyone who knows the person under that skin
You've diminished anything left of us, you were my kin
But you were full of it, for you I would've taken a bullet
But for your addiction, the flick was what I was given
You see, No matter how hard I tried to
What you've done cannot be forgiven
And with that, what we had died too
And how could I not question the basis in which you've been thinkin'
You know that those fictitious words of wisdom, they've cut me like an incision
Can't judge me - you've never felt this sting
I know who you truly are every time I begin reminiscing
It's more profound than anyone of your silly flings.
But it won't beat those
Well Worded Woo Tales
You've never known who you are
But I've known deep inside
The male behind those
Well Worded Woo Tales
The verbs and that smile, they may not f
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You Got Me
So, now that you're in the mix
Now, that you've got me fixed
So strongly on your face that
I want you,
To tell me my place
I haven't gotten you
But you've got me
Because if you were to say that I liked you
Then You Got Me because
You've caught me, getting caught just like I've tried to.
[Verse 1]
This night is almost over but I won't let it end
I'd be anything if it's more than just your friend
You got me, worried that you'll forget me
You got me, leaving without kissing you
You got me, wishing that you didn't let me
I'll be sincere because I've seen the sincerity in you
Fun doesn't seem to exist when I'm not around you
That's why,
I've rushed to your work when I've felt down
Because your beauty is the cure to my bad moods
You got me, wanting to know who I am to you
You got me, wishing to be unjustly seduced
You got me, waiting here wanting you to get me.
So, now that you're in the mix
Now that you've got me fixed
So strongly on your face that
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Hurt Me, Hurt You
I am going to take your legs off and make you crawl
You were last night's dream and you should see what I saw
I made incisions for every shity decision of yours
In fact I wasn't even done and you were already red raw
But you see the only thing between you and a knife is the law
You hurt my feelings; I should prevent you from healing
I should've hurt you for every word you used to hurt me
And for that, I want you to know what I'd do if there were no police [echo-fade out] …ice…
[Verse 1]
Watch your back because that's where I'll be
You did the wrong but I'm paying the penalty
You're getting away with everything when you should be bleeding
This isn't about what I want; it's about what I need
Killing you will be the pill that will help me sleep
So, if I was bedded out of sympathy
Then what are these letters about?
Be scared because I'm not so silent now
If you thought that I was violent back then
Then you should see me now.
[Verse 2]
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