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devilman-Cartoon of Japan

Sorry , I can't Speak English.

This picture is the cartoon "Devil man " of Japan.
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It's really good XD and pulls on the heart strings
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Absolutely beautiful.
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Oh, wow, this is gorgeous!
I really like how there's so much to look at in your art, it's awesome!
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it's like across between ulquiorra's final form and zetman.
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This is magnificent. This really shows the sorrow that dwells within Soul of Akira Fudo. And is that Miki's Head?
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Devilman looks so calm in this ... It is as if he has been over come by so much sorrow. This really captures those feelings.

Amazing work.
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this is my favourite...this piece rules man! i know the story of this manga very well, and you center the point of the characters in a great classic post modern style! you made a great work!
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I love Devil man... I'm assuming that is the head of 'Miki' he has between his arms? Nice touch. Also, your work is very lovely.
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This work of yours got in the featured folder in the :iconnekkid-boys: group! :clap:
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Devil Man is awesome! Great job!
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Beautifully rendered! Wow! Very eye catching. Love the colors, pose and mood here!
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