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Warriors defend the flowers

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It is an original illustration.

Sorry, I can't speak English.><

Has posted in the past the same mecha character illustrations.
Please see if it is good.

This mecha, I drew the main character is inspired by Vega animation "Genma Taisen" in Japan.
Animation that is older than Eva.
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I don't believe the flowers have anything to worry aboutMr Clean is done cleaning ur ass 
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holy cow senpai you're not from this world
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This is so badass. I hope to see more of this mecha!
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Protagonist - Antagonist ?
My bet is on the plant.
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Mind blowing !!
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When I first saw it I was convinced this is the fight from End of Evangelion when Asuka fought the EVA series, still amazing piece:).
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Yuuka approves. She will also help if needed
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Insanely detailed. Awesome piece!
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Hey, I got a book in Japan about drawing Mecha and this picture was in it!
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From the angle you drew him and the shading. It makes me think of Deadpool :icondeadpoolplz:
In Ultimate Alliance 2, Deadpool appears beating up SWAT because they destroyed the pretty flowers
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Oh wow, I'm blown away by this design! Everything about this is impressive, good job!
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This is so badass yet so heartwarming.
Bravo sir.
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oh that is so boss it hurts !!!!!
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