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23/7 Yamata no Orochi


Here you can buy my doujinshi.…

However, the contents of " How to Draw: 03 /" is only Japanese.
White Dragon Castle
It is an original illustration.

Here you can buy my doujinshi.…

However, the contents of " How to Draw: 03 /" is only Japanese.
Because English can't be spoken, I introduce an interview as a substitute for a profile.

I have been interviewed on the overseas site before.
It is the thing of the illustration which I draw and the interview of the profile.…

The sentence below is content of the interviews.


Exclusive Interview with Toshiaki Takayama

As we announced here, we have obtained a chance to do an exclusive interview with Mr.Takayama. Some of the characteristics of his works are the mixture of mechanics and human such as human characters wearing robotic suite. We asked Mr.Takayama 18 questions.

Q1: What kind of child were you when you were small?
A1: I often played game, but also played at outside.
I was introverted and poor at study. My notebook was full of sketches.

Q2: What made you decide to pursue the current career?
A2: Since I entered art school. Ever since I started to study art, I did not want to do any work other than doing illustrations.

Q3: What are the best characteristics of your drawing?
A3: I think I have a fine finish. I am not trying to, but my clients says I am good at mechanical drawing and a theme of dragon.

Q4: Which part of your image do you put the best thought into? (Such as facial expression, environment etc)
A4: I put my best effort into drawing until it is done. Create it's own atmosphere as an image. Try to make my art expression understandable to many viewers.

Q5: Among your works, which one is your most favorite?
A5: I like all of them. I have other works in stock that I have not publicized yet, but many of the works I uploaded onto my website are somewhat my favorites. Also some of them were requested.

Q6: What program and software do you use to create your works?
A6: Photoshop and Painter.

Q7: Which part of the image do you start with? (Such as face line, background, etc)
A7: Finish background color. Then, start around the face.

Q8: Do you have any creators you admire?
A8: Hayao Miyazaki, Mamoru Nagano and works from Pixar. ...and many other people.

Q9: Where do you get your inspirations from? (Example: from books, TV, etc)
A9: Movies, Paintings, Games, Photographs...I get inspiration from almost anything.

Q10: What is the ultimate art for you?
A10: When creating illustrations that are designed for game or comics, it is fairly easy to receive a positive acclaim. I want to create something that gets people interested, even though they had no interest in such genre.

Q11: Do you have a goal in terms of creating works?
A11: I don't think there is anything. I always like to improve myself, but I can not see the clear goal at this point. It is too far away.

Q12: Do you like any animals?
A12: I like any living creature including plants and insects. Nature has the best color that nothing can conquer.
I have a dog, but it is dumb, but very charming and nice dog.

Q13: What is your blood type?
A13: AB

Q14: How do you spend your weekends?
A14: Fishing, and playing sports.
I tend to stay home because of my work, so I try to go out.

Q15: Do you have any sites you check everyday?
A15: MSN, Mixi.
Image posting sites. (May interesting images)

Q16: What is your hobby other than drawing?
A16: Baseball, Kick Boxing, Fishing and looking at arts.

Q17: Message to American creators
A17: Today is better than yesterday. Next year is better than this year. I want to present good works to my viewers every day. I will be happy if you would check my site.

Q18: Would you accept work offer from USA?
A18: I accept any offer as long as it fulfill certain requirements. Though, if the offer is from outside of Japan, I will need a translator.

Thank you Mr.Takayama for your time to answer the interview.


Toshiaki Takayama
My name is Toshiaki Takayama.
I am an illustrator in Japan.
My illustration is introduced with the book "Spectrum 16: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art".

My homepage is here.


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