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ILGB - Triwizard Tournament
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© 2014 - 2019 takatsuya
arrives late with the lame video and uh-- most ridiculous answers :iconminghideplz:

gomen for not adding play/replay button because uh :iconlazypoolplz: how to flash

1) Why is your OC entering the tournament?

He’s always fond of everything in the Wizarding World, and the Tournament really catches his attention. He’s always been one curious individual who actually won’t mind wasting more of his already preserved energy just to satisfy his curiosity. Reading about the past Triwizard Tournament and all of its tasks did strike a ridiculous idea on his head to participate, even though he was hesitant at first but then dragons, mermans, sphinx, acromantula, wow look at all the creatures he could encounter up close and dangerous, in a relatively safe environment, even. Eventually the boy gave in to the growing curiosity. So, yolo.

His other reason of participating is that he views the Triwizard Tournament as a perfect place where he can challenge himself, a place where he can find out one’s true capabilities that can’t be measured with grade alone. If chosen, he would like to see how far his current ability can get him and to hone his skills along the way. For him, experience is what really matters.

2) What are your character's strengths? Describe at least 2 using at least 2 sentences.

He is one of the talented students –particularly with spells—and is gifted with high intelligence. Combined with his calm and calculating nature, he is able to think clearly without letting the pressure of the situation cloud his judgment. His unusual way of thinking also put him in advantage; he likes to experiment with spells, and might just try to combine them to create his own offensive style of magic, and sometimes he can think of the best use for a spell that doesn’t seem to be useful. His physical ability can be considered as above average, so he won’t have that much problem doing tasks that requires physical strength like running away for his life when the situation calls for it.

3) What are your character's weaknesses? Describe at least 2 using at least 2 sentences.

His major weakness is that he lacks the drive to win, unless pushed to a certain extent. He will most likely to choose to save his life over securing his victory.  Sure, he would give it his all if chosen to participate, but he won’t do it just to win. Another one of his weakness is that while having the height advantages, he too had to suffer from the disadvantages. It would be difficult for him to stay out of sight, especially with that height. The other weakness is that he can be too logical sometimes and this might lead him to make a rather ruthless decision.

4) Why do you think the Goblet should choose your character?

Why indeed- To be honest, there is no particular reason why the goblet should really choose him, because he doesn't have the desire to win since he desires something else from the Tournament. But if one should give a reason, is that the thing he desires from the Tournament, he strongly desires. He also knows himself very well. He doesn’t underestimate nor overestimate his own ability. He knows what’s best for himself and that he shouldn’t put his life on the line for something like this… and of course, he is yet to know the weight of carrying the school pride on his back...:iconureshiiplz:

5) Your preferred month(s) of participation? (November/February/May. Leave blank if you have no preference.)


character belongs to me
sfx source - soundjay, freesound.org, freesfx

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Comments (47)
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alice4900|Hobbyist Digital Artist
... it's great. The drawings are great, I really like your character !! nothing but emotions, they are transcribed to perfection! I will read all the information of your character! he caught my attention! GIF Star vs. the Forces of Evil -  Feels 
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Ehsol-namu's avatar
Amazing, absolutely amazing. The feels of this little flash video is so intense. He is obviously smart and realistic enough to know all that eternal glory and all is just crap, but also wants to see how much he can reach in his limited time. 
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I'm in love with you *^* this is so cool
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thank you! :iconrlytearplz:
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Cho Kyuhyun Shocked Cho Kyuhyun Shocked Cho Kyuhyun Shocked Cho Kyuhyun Shocked Cho Kyuhyun Shocked 
oh my god....
this is so fricking cool..
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HolliBerry| Digital Artist
This is incredible! O/// 7 ///O p
Congrats on the feature! 
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Celestrina's avatar
wow this was awesome!
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taiwonton|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your work has been featured, granting you and your house an extra 200 points!
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Yuupix|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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snipercaughtu|Hobbyist Artist
I love the background music very aesthetic, what did you use?! And the flash is amazing~! 
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addaline's avatar
addaline|Student General Artist
omg :iconimdedplz:
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NeniioN's avatar
your art is ridiculous and you have my full support! :iconedyeahplz:
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Pug-In-The-Mug's avatar
Pug-In-The-Mug|Student Digital Artist
Holly cow O_O
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hytomi69's avatar
So great I really love this and nathaniel is so cute oO
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yuffieHeart's avatar
wow this is amazing!~ :'0
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xkltran's avatar
gosh the compose and written part went well man
hufhuff im glad flash finally work taka hufhfuf
too beautfil i s2g 
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BurningArtist's avatar
BurningArtist|Hobbyist General Artist
Hah! I understand your pain in playing with Flash!
I managed to find the answer for the play/replay button through Youtube tutorials.
some of them are not that bad honestly!

Anyways, for the piece, the music, mood and art are GORGEOUS.
I haven't seen any other entries or anything but this is amazing!

See my struggle with Flash here: Fusion Reiko and Nevada: Collab (If you're bored of something)
(Didn't do the art in this one but I did the animation/voice acting and yours tops mine in pure awesome!)
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daaaamn awesome xD!
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youhanvr's avatar
youhanvr|Hobbyist Digital Artist

clasps your hand Taka I'm so proud you did it!!! and made it work!
this is such a  lovely piece;;; hnggg!!1
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XxDillPicklexX's avatar
good luck nathan my love ;v;

//kisses him good luck
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getsuuu|Student Digital Artist
weeps do want to see natey int he twt BUT MAN DON't DIE LS
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aori-pan|Hobbyist General Artist
:iconhecryplz: my comment didn't go through after all

but yes i told you it's BEAUTIFUL 
poor nate 
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