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Use tools which will help you draw better...

Working on Shonen Jump Manga competition.

Here's the link if you don't already know it... - the dateline is Oct 1st.

The page you're looking at is the Na-Me (sketch page), so it's not a final drawing. It's my way of laying out a story to see if it works, and if it doesn't, I change it... The little pink mannequin is something my mentor gave me as a souvenir from Japan. It's tiny (8½cm tall when standing up)... but more useful than I'd ever imagine. You can pose it so much better than the wooden mannequin I have (32½cm tall).
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That's actually a very interesting idea.

I could certainly use one of those myself.
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Yeah, still find body proportions quite challenging...
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That mannikin looks a lot like a 'microlady' base doll from the 'micromen' series.
I've really wanted one of those for a while. It's cool you have one. :D
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My mentor bought it for me from Japan, I have yet to find out where else they have this other than Japan.
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I think you can get them on ebay.

I have my eye on this one Microlady version of an anime character, and she's pretty inexpensive.

Other than that, I dunno.
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Ah ebay. Of course.
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Yeah, the company is on hiatus, so it's either that or Japan.
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Cool!  Is that your script to the left, peaking out behind the layout page?  A synopsis, perhaps?  Is it something you had to do special for the submission, or is it a working tool, like a step-chart, you made for yourself?
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Yes, that is the script, I've only noticed it's actually in that picture. Well spotted.

It's pretty much the entire plot for the 45 page written out, it wasn't a requirement for the submission, it's just how I work (a tool then?) from text draft, edited until I'm happy with it, then onto the draft storyboard (which is also in the picture), edited further (with mentor's inputs), then onto the final manuscript pages.
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:)  Aha!  Thanks. 
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aww man i wish i had such a small little doll thingy! they only sell them here in wood, way bigger and way stiffer and less flexible. that one looks way more bendable!
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I have the wooden one too. About 32cm tall. It's pretty useful for simple poses. But the pink little figurine I have (8½cm tall) is way more flexible for dramatic poses. :)
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i wish they sold those in the netherlands too! ;m;
TakataRikuzen's avatar
My mentor bought mine for me in Japan. Otherwise I wouldn't have chosen PINK. LOL
Virone's avatar
i did the same with a friend when he asked me to buy a pair of compasses xD
TakataRikuzen's avatar
Hahaha. Don't buy a guy pink stuff. Btw, thanks for fave-ing the pic!
Virone's avatar
i bought him this one :…
and if it's about giving a guy pink stuff, it's sorta okay here xD as long as it's a joke xD
TakataRikuzen's avatar
Remind me never to ask you to get me anything =_=; I have enough pinks and purples in my life. X'D
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