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Contemplative RJ - Animated GIF of WIP



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Illustration - Contemplative RJ by TakataRikuzen


'14.04.01 - first sketch
'14.04.02 - character inked
'14.04.03 - character screentoned (basic), some shading, blade inked and screentoned (basic)
'14.04.04 - added details to bodysuit & scratches w blood on shoulder and back, Ipod shuffle & headphones, shine to blade, started on background - tree
'14.04.08 - added shine details to bodysuit & blade handle, sand screentone (basic)
'14.04.11 - Inked more backgrounds, defined sand boundary
'14.04.12 - fixed shape of forehead & top of head, drawn in & added shadow screentone (basic)
'14.06.10 - (long break, I know X'D) edited backgrounds screentone to add more shades (still basic)
'14.09.27 - added the sky, water, fixed more shading work in tree trunk and bushes, fixed shadows, sand...
'14.11.11 - added textures to trees, bushes, tree barks, sand, edited all levels and saturation. Finish.

This took ages to complete because I'm lazy X'D. No, not really, it's an indulgence piece; I do it just for me, during breaks from my other projects, just to de-stress.
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