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Bye Chaerin T-T

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 11, 2014, 3:03 PM
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여러분 안녕하세요!

More adoptables are in the process of being made, my fox ones may come up quicker and I should have the 2nd lot of my Canineclownfish done up tomorrow. I've been slightly busy today since I woke up late and I still need to prepare the hamster cage and stuff.

Tomorrow I'm getting a new hamster, I have a few male names in mind which are: Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun, Ruairidh and Sedaril (most likely Eunhyuk or Kyuhyun) and female names aren't really decided officially yet. I'll be taking my Warcraft character names and Minzy into consideration though ^^

It was hard, but I decided today that I'd stop my search for Chaerin ): if she's still alive somewhere then that would be some sort of miracle to just have her turn up (considering dehydration would kill her)..
If not then she's likely just exploring with the rest of the critters in the back garden, all of my past pets (except fish) are buried there.

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u.u I'll miss her dearly I remember when I got her she was so nosy and active yet really clumsy and just had her 'NOPE' moments. After a while, she was usually hyper and just crazy (a bit like her owner) and would follow me around in her ball or out of it. Our bond wasn't really tied until at least October. She'd literally use me as an obstacle course randomly and it was also her way of telling me she wanted in her cage, though if she REALLY wanted in her cage, she'd climb up onto my head and sit there or do it repeatedly.

She loved strawberries best out of everything I gave her as well as sticks to chew on. She'd literally tried to steal a big strawberry out the tub if I was looking or not, and if she really wants something she'll do everything including climbing up you to get to whatever is in your hand. And when I was studying Korean or drawing in my pad, she would just come and sit happily on the page like I wasn't paying enough attention to her, it was cute.

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Christmas was fun too, I'd managed to find some decent stuff for her and even woke up rather early on Christmas morning, I ended up giving her, her present and to say the least she loved the wasn't in one piece at the end of the day. From that alone I went and got her more sticks since she seemed to love them so much.

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She was forever trying to get outside my bedroom door by chewing on the frame and sometimes the door itself, though a lot of the time it was just to get my attention. I could leave the door open a lot of the time and she'd follow me into the bathroom or just into the hallway. But the 6th was when I was less careful, I don't know how it happened as I don't remember leaving the door open at all, though the possibility of it being open ajar would be when I went to talk to my brother for mere seconds. All in that time though, she'd managed to escape and I hadn't seen her and I only realised something was indeed wrong at 4am when I hadn't seen her and she hadn't come to get a strawberry after I brought them into the room. (I mean, it's hard NOT to see a giant blob of fur.) I've done all I can to find her, and I've waited for days, staying up every night just in case. 
The last few pictures I took of her was hours before she disappeared. I didn't think it'd be the last I'd take of her.

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I know some people will be like 'it's just a hamster, it's replaceable' but really, that stuff isn't what I want to hear about right now and really how would you feel if someone turned around and said 'it's only a child, they're replaceable.'... not something you'd want to hear, right? She may just 'be a hamster' but she was a living creature and I had her since she was about a month old. She was like a fuzzy best friend and she was also family.

채린아... 정말 미안해. 안녕히 계세요..

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* Hoping to get things sorted soon :)

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Kannarith Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014  Hobbyist
This broke my heart. Waaaah!
I'm so sorry it had to end like this.
She sounds like such a sweet hamster too.
This reminds me of the time when we lost our cat... we never did find him.
I do have a new cat now, but their just never the same, even animals have such varying personalities.
I hope you are doing alright, I know how hard it can be to finally admit that you won't be finding them again.
Takarti Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014
;n; I'll be okay, though it's harder than when I lost my first two, one died to wet tail and I never got to the vet in time the other died of age. Dying is one thing but knowing she managed to escape and could be dead somewhere in the house or managed to get outside which her chances of survival during the first night would be nil, too many foxes and cats around here for that...idk it just. Blah.  ;n;

She was so sweet, my mum isn't really one for rodents and she was hesitant with my new one because of the whole biting thing but the hamster managed to lighten that fear a bit.
I'd love a kitty but my dad is "allergic" (aka he doesn't want one).
You're right, they're so different u.u my first Syrian was gentle as hell and would just sit there or not go too far from me, Chaerin though wanted to explore everything. I just hope they have a few hammies tomorrow ;u; and hopefully some males, they only had one male last time but I left him there because I had a feeling the little girl that was there with her mum wanted one too and she really liked that male one x3 cute. 

If she does indeed appear though...I'll be buying more cages u.u
Kannarith Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014  Hobbyist
Dying of old age is the best outcome, it’s still sad, yes, but it at least means they got to live a full life. Unfortunately we have only had a few pets die that way. The previously mentioned cat was the first to go (was lost and never found), then there was another cat that was lost and never found, and another cat that died from kidney failer (he was hit by a car, wasn't even a year old), my first corn snake who died mysteriously one day (probably illness), and then a gerbil who died shortly after a dog snapped her tail off. There are so many more, I won’t go through the whole list.

Yeah, I don’t care much for rodents now either. I prefer reptiles, hence my snakey. c:
My first snake was really gentle and sweet, I loved him a lot. they are suppose to live for fifteen years, he only lived for two though. ;^;
My brothers are allergic to cats too, we keep them in our rooms though, and it works out fine. So yes, your dad is just making up excuses, xD you’d be able to work something out if the reason really was just allergies.
My first cat had a personality similar to my current cat’s (they’re coat colors are the same too), even so, they are still really different from each other.
I hope they have plenty of hammies for you to choose from tomorrow too.
And that’s really nice of you to leave that male there for the other girl. :)
We have a lot of cages left over from all the rats we had a few years ago. If I remember correctly we had twenty seven rats. Yes, twenty seven of them! xD
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