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Takarti GIF: Tailwag by Takarti Takarti GIF: Tailwag by Takarti
I've been poking Clip Studio for a bit trying to figure out the animation stuff within it. I still need to figure the whole colouring on the animation file itself instead of doing it on a regular painting file and copy/pasting the parts over to the animation file. I'll have a video up for the second half of this one tomorrow.

I'm new to animation on a fully finished level so there's still a lot for me to improve on. 
I watch Aaron Blaise's livestreams and videos, taking notes on things and trying to apply them. I think this particular animation could have used better inbetweens. 

I also wanted to animate it without his smaller markings, I'm thinking about just having it as a dark purple.

Either way! I am now using this for my Twitch alerts ^^ 
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KingCromo Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2018  Professional General Artist
Sweet! Really like the colors and expression. Maybe some more exaggeration on the tail's overlap and follow-through with a bit of slowing on the contact keys would help make the tail movement feel more organic, Think of it as a pendulum made of more than just point A and B (based on the 12 principles of animation). Still as it is atm, it feels very fluffy. All that squash :FluffyLa:  It's so nice to see you entering the world of animation, hope you have fun! I am a dummy! 
Takarti Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2018
Thanks Cromo <3 I completely forgot about the slowing thing if I'm honest, that's probably what was bugging me last night xD I think I could go back and put even more frames in among the ones I have as it's a total of eight frames o-o 
KingCromo Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2018  Professional General Artist
Hey I'm always up for animation talk if you'd like to jajaja. It's a very simple movement, before adding more to it try to work with what you have, fix and change, then add stuff, else you'll only make it more work than what it's needed.
Takarti Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2018
<3 you're a gem Cromo, I'll poke you over discord when I try more stuff x) 
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