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Strawberry Bubble tea fox Test by Takarti Strawberry Bubble tea fox Test by Takarti
For one idea, I liked the idea of a Bubble Tea Fox, it seemed more interesting than a separate fox holding a bubble tea or an anthro fox with the bubble tea... the fox IS the bubble tea, follow? Awesome!

Realtime this took just under 2 hours.

I tried going with a different technique in this one... something which I have tried in a previous FNAF fanart (link below) and it worked nicely.... however, here? I don't think it did much justice for it. Though, I blame it on the pink colour I used for the whole thing. If I go ahead with this idea digitally then I'll be changing up how the fox body colours look. Traditionally I managed to pull it off, but here it just feels it needs more to it.

A note for DA users: I'm aware that there's more than likely adoptables with a similar look. There's no intention for me to turn my made up characters into adoptables, merely use my own ideas for a project.

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March 1, 2017
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