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RP CHARACTERS: Snowball by Takarti RP CHARACTERS: Snowball by Takarti

EDIT: You may not use or edit this character at all for your own use. You can NOT use him for RP either. 

I've started on my 3rd list for drawing up some stuff. I thought it'd be a neat idea to introduce a lot of my RP characters both old and new additions as well as any updated design progress and whatnot. I'll have more than my FNAF AU characters to introduce too.

As far as RP is concerned, I've been RP'ing since I was around 12 and I'm 29 now, so... that's a lot of characters to rake through. Kind of.

This one is Snowball, he's a fox that I've had on my mind since December 2016 and only recently decided what I wanted for his markings etc.
I've so far included him in the FNAF universe and currently he's a smaller animatronic character. This is to be his 'adult' look once his chip gets transferred.



Name: Snowball
Gender: Male (Can be referred to as 'they' too )

Personality: He can be a little anxious but friendly enough. Nothing has pissed the fox off enough to reveal just how his mechanical and murderous mind works when in such a state......yet.

Backstory: In the RP Snowball started off as a small, child version fox animatronic. He was involved in some sort of project that more or less were trying to replace the whole flour babies thing with animatronics. A wise move on humanity's part? Pfft, likely not. Unfortunately, he wasn't wanted by any place and ended up being given away and passed around until somewhere took him in. He has the ability to learn day by day and once he's learnt enough then his chip can be transferred to a more 'adult' suit.
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