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Barren Ref by Takarti Barren Ref by Takarti
Barren the grumpy Dutchie. 
I tried tweaking my ref sheet from Daveita's base to suit Barren and I think I'll do this for the other Dutchies I have and also position them as needed. Barren's tail didn't fit at the side on a re-scale so I moved it around. I'm also trying to place notes at the colour palette.

His main body marking is something that I want to leave to the artist's imagination. I got the effect using a brush with 'spread' and multiplied layers, I also changed the grey slightly for each multiply layer just to make it pop a little. The main gist is it's a little lighter on the light grey main body and gets darker the closer it is to the black/darker markings or floof. It also doesn't go right along the tail, it stops just a little after the base of it.

I may end up changing the lower leg markings slightly, I'll decide fully when I get to the reference sheet of course. 

Name: Barren
Grouchy, defensive.
Hoards: Charcoal sticks

Pronouns: They
Ability: Telekinesis
Breath: Poison
Spirit: Air
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January 23, 2017
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