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Background Test by Takarti Background Test by Takarti
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For this, I decided to work with an image I previously made in 2013. I changed it up and used a different approach. I had a few I could remake and I chose this one just because I could. Yay.

I'd change the water again as I still haven't found a solid technique for water that I'm happy with. I tried mixing the photo selection into it which worked for the distant area but not close up.

I could have gone over the 3 hours it took to get it where it is but, I have to keep in mind that it's just for testing and I don't want to make it a finished piece. The one I'm aiming to do in my project won't be a simple mountains and water one :)

The below are what I used for reference and texture, all my own pictures and phots.

Background revisited: Nabi
The cloud ref: Coulds5
Water texture from: LochLubnaig2
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March 4, 2017
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