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Enter uploaded a video yesterday, talking about the things that he's been having to deal with lately. How people think have tried to use things he's done in his past to continue correcting him today. 

As someone who's been a fan of Enter's Content from Animated Atrocity #49, which came out in Mid 2014, I've seen him improve. I've seen some of his angriest reviews, as well as many of his best works. I've seen him defend #WTFU, as well as the YouTube Copyright System. And watching his videos helps me to learn a lot, actually. Videos much like his "Homer Badman" and "Screams in Silence" Further Thoughts and his "Wall Street Journal" reviews, have helped me to understand real-world issues better. His Writing Tips and Reviews much like the "Drawn Together Movie Review", where he talks about how comedy, and what can be "A point" in a show, is going to help me in the longrun, when I want to publish my comic books and graphic novels (Hence, why I added one of my Human OCs in this picture). It will help me to learn what makes for a good story, and what people will find good in it. 

One of his less-than recent videos, his "Wayside review", actually got an emotional reaction out of me. Particularly the scene where he showed the physical copy of "Growing Around", talking about how Wayside (the books) inspired him to write his own books. Why an emotional reaction of all things? I could name a few things, but for today, I'm going to use "Long Live the Queen" as an example. 

I'm making my own Graphic Novel/Comic Book series, but since it's taking a long time to write everything out and determine the world and the story, I've decided to make a Visual Novel to act as a prequel to the Comic Series. It sounds like a weird decision, and to be fair, it is. But that's also kind of why I'm doing it. It's a unique approach, and hopefully, it will help in grabbing people's attention towards the comics. 

"Long Live the Queen", for those who don't know, is a visual novel about a 14-year-old girl who has 40 weeks to learn to become a political figurehead for an entire country without getting herself killed. It's a fantastic game. But what does that have to do with anything? Is it getting an adaptation? Not that I'm aware of. And from what I understand, both "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" and "K-On" had the opposite effect, where the Anime Adaptations are better than the original novels. But I also know that in the case of "Sword Art Online", both the anime and the graphic novel had a fantastic concept, and it ended up failing because the light novel was rushed. 

And "Long Live the Queen" is largely what has inspired me to make this decision. It's not episodic by any means, but it is cute and insightful, and that it allows you to experience the difficulties of being a political figurehead. 

I'll talk about the game again at a later point, but for now, I wanna stay on topic.
If "Long Live the Queen" ever gets an anime adaptation, I want it to work out. And if it doesn't, maybe it won't be soul-crushing, but it will be a massive disappointment for me. Because it has inspired me on an artistic level. 

As has Mr. Enter. Because of his input on how to write a good cartoon, it will help me to create a good story. Whether it's a Visual Novel, Comic Book, or Animation Adaptation. What I've gotten out of watching his reviews are going to help me in the longrun. 
And for that, I want to say thank you (if you're reading this and have gotten this far). And I hope that what's been going on lately, I hope things get better for you. If you decide to take a break, take as much time as you need. With your Legend of Korra review, you'd be stopping on a good note, at least. 

For everyone else who have gotten this far, go and wish him a relaxing break. 

- - - - 

Also, I'm really looking forward to Growing Around. So Sally's in the pic, too^^
She's really cute :D
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