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Cyn Wolf Rescues a Young Prince



:iconcrowneprince: and an Original OC and Comic Series Mascot: The Cyn Wolf. I'm not as fantastic at drawing wolves like she is, but this has to be a good place to start (It's mostly just the anatomy.)

The image is just based off of a Headcanon I have for Crowne Prince's Backstory (just a synopsis):

Stating back to childhood, Crowne Prince was born and raised in a very Upmarket Family in Tall Tale (which explains why her OC design is so shiny and refined!), until one day, she decided to run away to find her destiny (as many others have in the show, obviously.) After about 5 months, she went as far as Rambling Rock Ridge (which is just outside of Ponyville,) and eventually fell over from the circumstances. The young prince was later rescued by the Cyn Wolf, which seemed to be very much like normal and sentient animal, and they struck up a bit of a bond. The Cyn Wolf planned to take the younger Crowne Prince back to his home in the Badlands (if you haven't seen Crowne Prince's asylum, as an outside observer, it definitely looks like a decent natural wolf refuge.) The trip had been dangerous, and the Cyn Wolf did so much to get the young filly to safety. As such, she's stayed in the Badlands for years and years to come, disguising herself as a young colt so her old family would not find her whenever she went into town, and found her destiny in creating the most devious works of art, each piece constructed and covered with ink as dark as the skies of the ruined lands. Or perhaps, her home...

Pretty dark stuff, huh? Headcanon Accepted, Check Yes or No? Please leave your thoughts in the comments! Ciao~!!

(Note: The story overhead was a headcanon was just made for fun. I know that the Cyn Wolf was really just a side-project she's been doing alongside the MLP animations. And I wanted to make some epic adventure regarding a dangerous predicament, and the love and protection of something "innocent", like a child.)
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As both a fan of the Cyn comics and an a follower of Crowne Prince I really love this piece from that standpoint alone. 

But to read into a backstory like this, im even more so impressed at this panel you have created. Well done, unique style,  nice darker undertone to the whole thing. And you really can't get much cuter than a filly Crowne Prince.