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Chasing Fireflies Sketch Dump



As it says on the tin, illustrations to my fanfictions Chasing Fireflies, one for Drunken Dare and in a way also for Chasing Origins.

Let's start in the upper left quarter! It's where it all started, actually. Because I wanted a tiny picture of the Sons of War - left to right: Sander Rodriguez, Sam Raser, Trend Austin and Marshall Mikaelson.
Then came the young!Sam right next to them. I was feeling like some angsty Sam from "Chasing Origins", after the whole Leroy-thing went down.
Since angsty!Sam depressed me, I had to put a typical angry!Sam next to it.
Beneath the Sons of War is a pic of Donny di Angelo with Scotha, because I needed to draw his sword and he looks kind of adorable with it.
Next to him, Sam's eye. Because I'm obsessive with Sam's forest-green eyes.
Beneath the eye is a regular, cute Donny, dangling his feet in the lake at CHB. Because, son of Percy, that's why. *grins*
And next to the eye we have young!Donny (with his plush panda Fluffkins), interrupting Nico's Percy-time because he had a nightmare.
Then there is the Disney Princess version. Since the doodles came to be where ever I was at the time, he had to suffer because I only had Stabilos when I was coloring him... sooo, his olive-skin is kind of a liiittle dark.
Then there is the first picture of kitten!Sam and puppy!Donny. Because in the story, I often compare Sam to a kitten and Donny to a puppy, so I had to draw them.

On the right we have young!Sam and young!Donny building a snowman - because Sammy, do you wanna build a snowman? And he was all "Fuck yes!". It's been stuck in my head since I had an amusing conversation with one of my readers. *grins*
Beneath them is a scene from "Drunken Dare", because I got asked how exactly they're laying. I seemed to have failed on describing it well, so here#s a big foursome-cuddling!

The whole lower half of it came to life because of that first drawing of puppy!Donny and kitten!Sam. Here we have a scene from a story that's stuck in my head. The story is simple - Trend is a loner and his foster sister Thea and his best friend Marshall are set on changing that. So Thea decides to get him the most adorable puppy ever. Donny. Later on, Marshall and his girlfriend Sara have a similar idea, because Marshall has a puppy named Sander and a cat allergy while his girlfriend has a kitten named Sam and a dog allergy. Since they moved together, they haven't been very healthy. So they thought their beloved pets would be happy and safe with Trend and they could visit the fluffy things. This scene is the first time Sam and Sander meet Donny, who's already totally comfortable in Trend's apartment.
Sander is all: *sniff sniff* What's that? It's cute! Can I have it?
And Sam is all: *pats the fluffy thing's belly* No, you can't, Sander! I saw it first!
While Donny is still sleeping...
Then we have kitten!Sammy above the scene, being all *patmybellyNOW*demands*, while puppy!Donny beneath the scene is all "dangerous guard"-dog and *patmybellyplease* and puppy!Sander is just *playwithme!*. Because I noticed that I do compare Sander to a playful puppy quite often too.

But then Trend was feeling neglected, so I had to draw the three of them all grown up with wolf!Trend. Wolf!Trend is all "Really, Sammy...?" *deadpan* because Sam's using him to reach out for Sander and complain "Gimme my Donny. NOW.". But Sander is all "Nope. Mine.". Not that Donny cares all that much, because... "Belly patting? Pleeease?".

Percy Jackson and the Olympians (C) Rick Riordan

Donny di Angelo, Sander Rodriguez, Sam Raser, Trend Austin, Marshall Mikaelson (C) me, aka Takara Phoenix
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