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© 2006 - 2020 takanory
Original design for main CBtn > [link]
Authors of original "file select" function > [link]

White frame version > [link] [SS]

-- note --
"Desktop Alpha Blending" is required.
Preferences > Skins > Modern Skins > Alpha Blending

!!! The function of image selection is imperfect. !!!
1)dont remenber the setting after switching skins.
2)dont work at all or crash with error report.
Sorry for that, wait for update.
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I will never understand how skins with bugs get a daily deviation !  This is at least the 4th. I find !  I guess the "judges" don't try the skins, they just look at the image !!
This is a beautiful skin (particularly for me 'Black-White') BUT it has a bug: " Error parsing xml layer  asynchromus entity at line 376  O.K."  If you click on the O.K., you can still download the skin & it will work normally.
BUT I can't understand why you, Takanory, don't bother to fix your skin. This is a shame ! Thumb down !  And I assume the update you mention never showed up !
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Man this is assume specially when the dock is made transparent without border.
Hey by the way is their a way to make it always on top.
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Very very sophisticated design!! It's wonderful that there is a lot of design options to choose from!! I love it !!
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beautiful skin, excelent design.
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SergeyGuljay Interface Designer
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I've been using Hellinium and/or EboniteFix for probably the last year. I love the compact style of the former, and the transparent and multifunctional style of the latter is great, but what you have here... The simplicity, the transparency, the customization, the art style within the skin... Very well-done! I've got a new skin now, thanks to you!
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darkseid24Student Digital Artist
awesome work man,both of your skins are just too good
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and I actually thought that something like that exists only in dreams :D
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I never expected, that the "Foton" skin can be replaced1
But with this skin i found a great successor!

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Great Skin! But i am Having problems in winamp 5.52. When I load picture winamp crashes again and again. I had to reinstall it. Is there any way to trick set picture function to work?
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hmm.. very nice skin.. nice work :)

but is it me, who cant find it, or doesnt the "dock" have an auto-hide function?
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great skin..very awesome :clap:
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this is my favorite skin!
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I LOVE the dock. :)
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Fantastic work, I love this skin. I have only a problem I lost the main window after changed the skin, how I can find it ? TIA
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I have the WM v5.5 builb can be a problem ?
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right click/main window
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thx for the quick reply. it's open but not visible, i see it in the menu, like you write alt-w is flagged (but not visible). All the other windows are visible.Tia.
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oh, in that case i don't know. it may be lost at the borders of screen. dunno :(

good luck
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Anyway very good job.
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the dock is perfect
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could u do that it can take the cover of the mp3 with id3v2.3 like windows media does??
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stikyoHobbyist Interface Designer
Yeah! I really like this skin!! Keep on! ;)
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