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Anaheim Player 01

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Haro from Gundam
Not them => :( :crying: :blahblah: :dead: :x :pacman:

"Haro" and "Anaheim Electronics" are from Gundam series.
Gundam (c) Bandai/Sunrise/Sotsu Agency.
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zwolf787425Hobbyist General Artist
I'd buy one if it was real.
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I'd buy one.
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ZalagathProfessional Digital Artist
I still use this nowadays X'DDDD Had to find it for a friend! ITS HERE! AAHHH!
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best winamp skin ever. Animated mini player is so cute
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agiragirhizlanHobbyist Interface Designer
cool i used it !
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mitsuki-starzHobbyist General Artist
This is really cool...but how do I install this??!
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maxibillityHobbyist General Artist
really love this cute haro skin... :D
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Прикольный скин. спасибо разработчикам только вот цветов нехватка
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cuttank36bStudent Interface Designer
Very cool
but how to change the player color..
I want the black one.
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Good work!
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I re-downloaded Winamp again just to use this skin. Bloody brilliant, mate!
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Awesome! This skin is so much the deal, I can't change to any other skin because of it! Nothing else delivers! I have this skin on both my PC Winamp and my Laptop one. There is only one hitch: the player seek and volume (in the small animated version) are very narrow. I end up changing the volume while seeking the track and vice-versa. No other hitch. I give it a solid 9/10!

Whoever is the author, I just wanted to say: Awesome work and imagination. I had a strong recommendation: Why dont you (the author) tweak this a little and make an official Deadmua5 skin? You know, Deadmau5, the Canadian DJ, operator of Mouse Trap Records? Tweak this and instead of the Haro, make a Deadmau5, make similar animation adjustments and options (Eye glow with beat or something, animated mouse ears). This skin will get an immediate attention and feedback, trust me. You could sponsor the guy a Winamp skin and franchise.
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nyarlehStudent General Artist
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nyarlehStudent General Artist
i has these for my winamp ~ :heart:
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I LOVE IT! I already told you it is my pet for 5 years :D and I think I will keep it ^^. It even has aname xD. New computer, new laptop, I always install it :) even if I have to use older versions of winamp :) I don't care.
Once in a while it stops mobing and i have to re instal it. Today it is not working :(. And in this days is when I remind you and I go back to teh download page xD.
I hope that when I re start my computer it will be working again :)
You are awesome,I need to tell you ^^
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SpritesenseiHobbyist General Artist
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VejitHobbyist General Artist
Wow, so YOU made this a MUST HAVE FOR GUNDAM FAN, TOTALLY AWESOME skin thet I found a long time ago?? Thanks a lot, it's just fantastic !!
The only thing that I don't like is the animation of Haro "singing" . I think it would look better, and I would use it, if he would just move he's "ears". But still this is the best Winamp skin I ever seen XD Once again, great job ;)
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erusama13Hobbyist General Artist
cool winamp, u know... :D
do you have some?
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i've installed it but it change to winamp classic...
i'm using 5.6...
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i need this skin for windows 7°!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is the best!
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TrancedeliquistHobbyist General Artist
Dracana68's avatar
When I select the skin, the old green winamp classic skin shows up. Any idea why?
I'm using winamp 5.0 Pro on windows 7.
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