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Tired by takagi-tachibana Tired :icontakagi-tachibana:takagi-tachibana 4 10 jean kirschtein playin guitar by takagi-tachibana jean kirschtein playin guitar :icontakagi-tachibana:takagi-tachibana 78 17 ERURI FOR CHIEE by takagi-tachibana ERURI FOR CHIEE :icontakagi-tachibana:takagi-tachibana 51 3 repaiint by takagi-tachibana repaiint :icontakagi-tachibana:takagi-tachibana 6 0 CHIE'S NARUMI by takagi-tachibana CHIE'S NARUMI :icontakagi-tachibana:takagi-tachibana 10 8 Yumikuri by takagi-tachibana Yumikuri :icontakagi-tachibana:takagi-tachibana 87 37 Wish by takagi-tachibana Wish :icontakagi-tachibana:takagi-tachibana 116 50 SnK button for comifuro ! by takagi-tachibana SnK button for comifuro ! :icontakagi-tachibana:takagi-tachibana 69 6 SnK Christa by takagi-tachibana SnK Christa :icontakagi-tachibana:takagi-tachibana 14 2 SnK : Ymir Christa by takagi-tachibana SnK : Ymir Christa :icontakagi-tachibana:takagi-tachibana 37 2 Shingekyo WIP by takagi-tachibana Shingekyo WIP :icontakagi-tachibana:takagi-tachibana 28 2 WTF really by takagi-tachibana WTF really :icontakagi-tachibana:takagi-tachibana 8 3 Yata Misaki by takagi-tachibana Yata Misaki :icontakagi-tachibana:takagi-tachibana 70 14 WIP- Weapon training by takagi-tachibana WIP- Weapon training :icontakagi-tachibana:takagi-tachibana 5 3 11 supernova : Jewelry Bonney by takagi-tachibana 11 supernova : Jewelry Bonney :icontakagi-tachibana:takagi-tachibana 76 44 HBD again by takagi-tachibana HBD again :icontakagi-tachibana:takagi-tachibana 6 2


Hades and Persephone (Part 4)
PERSEPHONE WALKED THE corridors of the castle, wringing her hands. She had made sure she looked like she hadn't been crying. The thought angered her. She felt fragile, like the flowers she used to care for.
    What had she done to deserve this? Why was she going through this punishment, this condemning trial?
    She was vulnerable.
    And she did not want to be.
    Stopping, she leaned against a wall, making sure there was no one there. She closed her eyes, leaning her head back.
    If you can hear me, Mother, Father, please come for me. I'm waiting for you. Please.
    Suddenly, she heard footsteps near her. She composed herself, swallowing as she saw it was Hades striding up to her.
    "Are you well?" he asked suddenly. Persephone nodded once.
    "Why shouldn't I be? Besides the fact of the whole…" she trailed off, assuming he knew exactly what she meant. He did.
    "As I have sai
:iconwritingbycandlelight:WritingByCandlelight 51 9
Hade and Pers chaps 2 and 3
Chapter two: The Game of Deception.
Hades waited patiently for a day when the sun would be hidden by the clouds, he did not want Helios to see him taking Persephone, Demeter would eventually find out where her daughter was. He had planned by the time the Goddess of the harvest found her daughter, it would be too late for he would have fed her the fruit of the dead and she would be his forever. His attendants watched him closely as of late; the smile he obtained that day in the earthly field was still spread across his handsome face.
This was the day, he thought. The clouds would soon cover the sky and he would open the earth and take Persephone. He had four grim steeds tied and ready to carry him to the surface and back when he wished. Slowly he rose, seeming as though he could have waited a thousand years more to obtain his Queen, in truth however, he could hardly wait to have her. His cold flesh sought the warmth of hers and more so her attention. There was blackness down the corrido
:icondestinyfall:Destinyfall 120 55
Hades and Persephone-A Flower in the Darkest Place
The cold that he felt when he stepped out surprised him.
Despite his expressionless face, Hades was surprised at the sights around him. He walked through a white covered landscape, with bare trees that looked to be clawing against the slate grey sky. The wind was harsh, carrying cold white crystals of snow on the currents of air that brushed passed his solid, armour-clad, towering frame.
His cobalt blue eyes looked around for any life in this barren land. He didn't even see a plant or animal. However, he wasn't searching for those. He quickly walked forward, his cloak and hair sweeping behind him as he moved against the wind.
Hades had not been in the world above for years. He last walked the earth after the war with the titans, when he and his brothers were deciding who would rule which realm. He remembered that before he descended into the depths of the earth, he looked out at the sunset over the horizon, realising that he may never see the beauty that this world held ever again. Eve
:iconwarrayfinson:Warrayfinson 155 33
Hades and Persephone
"Hades!" she screamed in rage. Silk curtains tore as nails were raked across them. Pillows were swept to the floor and set upon; with a ripping sound there were feathers adrift in the air.
She collapsed amid the chaos, sobbing. "I hate you. I hate you!" Her voice broke into the motionless air, hung amid the feathers, shivered in its anger.
He stood with shadowed eyes on the other side of the closed door. He knew she thought he couldn't hear her, knew she thought he was elsewhere attending to business as usual--knew what she thought of him. When her furious sobs had given way to shuddering breaths he said quietly, "The door isn't locked," and as a startled silence fell inside the room he swept away down the hall, shoulders bent with the weight of drifting feathers.
The silence of the dining room as he approached was too silent; he didn't bother looking in.
She sat curled on the bed with the remains of the furnishings scattered around her. Her eyes were bloodshot and there was snot on
:iconadiscrow:AdisCrow 597 150
Persephone: Chapter 2
Chapter II
       Hades paused for a few moments, reflecting on the past before he began to speak to me.   “Before you can truly understand what brought me out of the Underworld to your father’s palace that day, I must explain to you the circumstances that influenced the Goddess of Fate to name me as the Ruler of the Underworld.”  
He paused once again and I could see that he had to reach deep down into the pool of his memory to reconstruct the events that must have occurred thousands of years before I was even born, events that decided not only his Fate, but I was soon to find out my Fate as well.   After what seemed like an eternity he finally he began his story,
     “Let me start at the beginning, before the world as you know it was created.  At this time in history the Universe was divided into two parts, the Heavens and the Seas, and the Tit
:iconisadoramarie:IsadoraMarie 47 10
Persephone - Queen of the Dead
Persephone, Queen of the Dead
Chapter 1
     My birth name is Kore, but modern readers may only know me by the name Persephone; the name my husband gave to me on our wedding day many long centuries ago.  You see I am the consort of Hades, the God of the Underworld, known by some as the Queen of the Dead.  Throughout the centuries since I took my place within the Underworld, at my husband’s side, I have heard many tales of how my uncle, the God Hades, kidnapped me while I was picking flowers with the daughter of Oceanos, the Sea Nymphs, one bright, sunny day; how as I screamed and struggled with all my might, he seized me and dragged me to the world below. These stories relate that once I was concealed within the depths of the Earth, he raped me and forced me to eat the food of the dead, ensuring that I would never be allowed to return to the world of the living.  These myths continue with my mother Demeter, the Godd
:iconisadoramarie:IsadoraMarie 133 7
Persephone+Hades-contest entry by Destinyfall
Mature content
Persephone+Hades-contest entry :icondestinyfall:Destinyfall 307 134
Make the mean face- Contest by Destinyfall Make the mean face- Contest :icondestinyfall:Destinyfall 94 73
Hades+Persephone Chapter 1
Souls scattered like leaves upon the fields of the dead as their God walked amongst them. Somber and cold, he was called Hades and he was the Lord of the dead. So feared by mortals that even his name was not mention, for they believed that just that might bring his attention to them and he would call for Hermes to bring them to the underworld. He was the richest of all the Gods, as all treasures of the underground and soil were his but his riches meant little for there was no one to share these things with.
As other Gods were praised he was loathed, only the dead would keep him company and only the greedy ferryman, Charon, would speak to him. As he walked he could here the laughter of the Goddess Demeter and her Nymphs in Olympus and of course the laughter of lovely little Persephone. Hades had felt his heart for the first time when he heard the laughter of Persephone, all creatures smiled upon hearing it. Hades had longed for a Queen of such brightness and joy, something that
:icondestinyfall:Destinyfall 194 74
Kiss Me (Stucky) by maichan-art Kiss Me (Stucky) :iconmaichan-art:maichan-art 714 26 HOW TO: Male Hands Reference by Valentina-Remenar HOW TO: Male Hands Reference :iconvalentina-remenar:Valentina-Remenar 16,319 538 Eye Tutorial (+Video) by KyouKaraa Eye Tutorial (+Video) :iconkyoukaraa:KyouKaraa 2,991 43 HOW TO SHADING THE THIGH HIGH STOCKINGS by SwordwaltzWORKS HOW TO SHADING THE THIGH HIGH STOCKINGS :iconswordwaltzworks:SwordwaltzWORKS 8,375 81 Hands tutorial by Kibbitzer Hands tutorial :iconkibbitzer:Kibbitzer 6,660 51 Male poses reference sheet 1 by Kibbitzer Male poses reference sheet 1 :iconkibbitzer:Kibbitzer 5,318 78




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