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Fire Wolf

By tajniwolf
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Aaaaaaaand... this is what happens when I get mad. You get flamin' wolves. Ha.

Yeah, yeah, I know. Just about everyone out there has a drawing of a wolf/cat/animal thing with this color scheme. It's my turn to do one! XP

I couldn't sleep one night and so I opened up photoshop, clicked on the 'line tool' and went to town. At the time, it really wasn't meant to become this complex. I was just going to scribble a drawing, do some flat colors and submit it.. but yeah.. it definately turned into more of a project.

A project I finished yesterday. XD

So, here 'tis. Just a random flamin' wolfie..

(yeah.. and it looks SO MUCH BETTER without the freakin' huge copyright text across the middle.. but I don't trust all the people out there not to steal my work.. sorry! ))


Photoshop 7.

artwork ©me,
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© 2006 - 2021 tajniwolf
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this is beautiful... can i use it as a cover art for one of the books in my series?
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fire wolf your on fire dude
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This comment made me lol.
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i know thats y i did it
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this is from pain wolves on youtube :s
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did someone piss him off?
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Used this picture for a drawing i did in art class last year that didn't turn out half bad, could you allow me to post it?
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Sorry! I've been gone from DA for over a year!
Hope you don't think I was ignoring you!

If you're still around, then yes, please do post your artwork! But a link/credit to me in the descrip would be nice. =)
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great concept
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LOL Looks REALLY good! I only WISH I could draw like that!!
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Awesome!! I LOVE the fierce look on its face!
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man, this is an awesome pic, good, job
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WOW! u are amazing. im adding this to favorites!!!
Love this piece! The facial expression is awesome!
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