Summer Art Giveaway! (Fourth Winner drawn)

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Hello, everyone! :love:

Summer holidays have now officially hit and what better to do with all this free time than practice with my art? Plus, I'd like to have the opportunity to draw different types of characters..

How do I enter?

To make things easier than my last giveaway, I'm going to request that people favorite this journal instead of just leaving a comment. That way, I can use a random number generator and then use the favorite numbers to decide who the winner of the draw is! So be sure to favorite this journal and hey if you'd like you can also leave a comment :)

What will I be offering?

Now, here's the catch. If I do draw your name in a draw, I will note you and ask you for your request. You are allowed to request a certain character-- but I decide the format, the pose and everything else. Give me as much info as you can and I'll try to portray your character right: but there's no telling what kind of format things will be drawn in! Chibi, portrait, fullbody, halfbody..? It's a surprise. I'm killing two birds with one stone here: I'm offering free requests (Sort of anyways...) and trying to improve my art at the same time :aww:

So remember...

:bulletblue: Favorite this journal so that your number will count when it's being drawn in a random number generator.
:bulletgreen: Leave a comment if you like!
:bulletred: If you DO win, remember that I decide the format of the drawing. You can request any type of character though!
:bulletorange: Tell your friends if you'd like! They can get a free request out of this too ;)

1) Katxie13 (Number 55)
2)Nimafox (Number 66)
3)MilkAlpaca (Number 43)
4)kingofanime7 (Number92)
..And maybe more, depending on when I get my scanner ;)

Have fun, guys!

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This is a late entry, BUT WHO CARES? Some people might, BUT I DON'T!!!!!
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hmm, this could be fun!
Tajii-chan's avatar
Yeah, and you never know! :la: :heart:
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I hope number generator will choose my number 8D :icononionxdplz:
Tajii-chan's avatar
You never know! *__* :heart:
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Eh, this will be nice to enter *favorites*
Tajii-chan's avatar
Yeah, and you never know ;) You might just win :la:
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yes oh thank you tajii channnnnnn whooooooooooo


I am so Happy ^^

check out my art if you like and i will take a look at yours
Tajii-chan's avatar
Luck of the draw! :la: :heart:

I'll get to choosing a character soon :D
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Ohh thats an awesome idea!
I hope I have some lucky, your art is so beautiful :iconloveloveplz:
Tajii-chan's avatar
Thank you! I'm glad you think so :love:

D'aww~ You're too kind ;__; Thank you so much :heart:
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This sounds fun, I'll give it a shot.
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:la: Yeah, you never know! :heart:
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XD oh wow-matching numbers!
Tajii-chan's avatar
Yes! :XD: What a coincidence :heart:
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hmm~I think the one will be with a 3 or 7 for some reason. XD
Tajii-chan's avatar
You never know what the last one might be ouo
SavageFrog's avatar
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Wow, I've seen giveaways, lots of them with giving away stuff, but this is definitely the best one so far! Especially since I love your style and colouring*u*
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