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Rose DuLace

By Tajii-chan
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Portrait Point Commission for Ra-Punzelle :heart:

Gosh, he's just so fancy. I love him <3 Also, I tried to get the hair color right but then ended up making it super light. And his expression turned out rather mischievous for some reason ;;

Sorry for inactivity, been rather busy with NaNo and school work!

Rose DuLace by Ra-Punzelle
Rose DuLace (c) Ra-Punzelle

My commissions are always open >w<
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WF-2540 Series
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Aww great picture ^^
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Your welcome ^^
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what a handsome man
It's very nice :)
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Indeed he is ;D Thank you kindly! :heart:
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OMG He's so perfect! 

I love the colors! >w< and his face dsajdads <3 xD
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Thank you very much! :love: :heart: 
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SO perfect! :la:
It's like everytime you draw you improve somehow! I have noticed that you mix more
colors together in your latest drawings, not to mention how awesome the expressions
you draw look ;v; Good job!

I really love his expression though! I use it for some reason really often in my
traditionals, I don't know why ;;
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I don't know if it always turns out very well, but it's been pretty fun at least ;D :heart:

And the expressions are always fun *u* Especially with this character~ But yeah, that sassy look is really good as a base ;D
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 Wow!! This Is Just Amazing!! <3 You Draw Guys So Good! How Did You Learn To Draw Guys? It's Stunning Tajii! <33
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Thank you! ^u^ Ahh, most of it is just practice-- especially since I'm still not super confident about the way I draw guys yet! u@;

Thank you so much! :love:
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 You Draw Them So Stunningly! <3 But I Really Understand! 

How Are You Doing Tajii?
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THis is beautifully done!
Love the bg! :D
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Thank you! ;D The background was a ton of fun :heart:
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The hair colour is absolutely okay, you know it better than my scanner :XD: For some reason, it keeps everything BUT orange right.

And mischievous? Him? No waaaaay... *innocent look*

THANK YOU! I love it! :heart:
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Ah I'm so glad ;A; He was really fun to draw :heart:

And I don't know why but I figured the expression would work because it contains some amount of sass, which I feel would somehow work for him >u>

Ah, scanners are a pain @__@ Sometimes they scan perfectly, other times the colors just get absolutely butchered.

And I'm so glad ;D Thank you so much for commissioning me, and sorry for the wait! :love:
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Muwehehe. I surrender, you looked through him completely :XD: Thank you again for all the work you did! >W<
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Thank you! ^u^ :heart:
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