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Just a fun coloring practice that used both Prismacolor and Faber Castell :heart: I'm still trying to find the right darkness and consistency in which to be able to blend everything at the edges, so hopefully I get a little better at that!

Lineart belongs to Centi, who is such a talented artist :love:

School life has been incredibly busy this year. Lots of assignments, and just lots going on! I hope I can actually set aside some more time to do art ;;
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WF-2540 Series
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I love the vibrant colours :heart: I think you created depth nicely with the colours, and the colour combination is also very appealing:heart:
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Such beautiful work! :heart: I love, love, love the way you colored it, especially the blue-green tones! :love:
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Thank you so much, sweetie! This was really so much fun to color *w* :heart:
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I can image! :) You two surely make a great team :heart:
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Vivid colors. Such amazing work you and Centi did here.
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Thank you! ;D Yeah, Centi is an amazing artist <3 Happy to color one of the artist's line works~
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You're welcome.
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 Your Coloring Always Amazes Me! <33

And Your Friend Has Good Linearts Too! <33
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Thank you, sweetie! :aww: 

And her line arts are pretty epic, yeah *w*
FallingDaWnStar13's avatar
 You're Soo Welcome Hun! <33

Very Much So! ^_^
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My gosh! the colors are beautiful! the lineart is perfect! >w<  I LOVE IT!!
Tajii-chan's avatar
Thank you very much! :) :heart: 

And it is such an amazing line art ;v; Really fun to color <3
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oh gosh its sooooooooo pretty!  I love love loooooove the way you color so much.    Especially the pretty hints of purple in his the dark hair, And do I see green in the shadows of the blonde?  Its just so soft and vibrant and lovely.
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Ahh, I'm so happy you think so! >u< Your lineart was so much fun to color :heart: So crisp and neat, and your lines are so detailed and creative!

Yes, purple and blue in the guy's, green and oranges in the girl's :love: Thank you! I was worried that it might not come out looking very smooth, but mashing the colors together was a ton of fun!
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The colours are so bright, I love it :D  And those feathers! I always find wings hard, to draw and colour. Very nice work~
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Yes, prisma always have such a tendency to stand out with their bold colors! I'm glad that the final result to this turned out alright <3 Thank you! :)
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Aww great picture ^^
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Thank you very much! :heart:
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Your welcome ^^
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Lovely colors, i absolutely adore how you did the hair uwu
Tajii-chan's avatar
Thank you! ^u^ The hair was a ton of fun :heart:
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Awesome!!!! :DDD
I especially love the bird and how you did their eyes!!! O3O
lovely as always~~~~
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Thank you ;D Coloring lineart is always so much fun, hehe :heart:
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Wow, the way you color is beautiful! ^^
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