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Goddess of Love

By Tajii-chan
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From the Hauran series (of many concepts and novels), Maria, my Goddess of Love. It's been awhile since I've drawn her :') She very frequently changes appearance, but in ToT she has blue and pink hair because she works as a party planner. Other than the three Children of the Sun, she's one of the eldest beings in the world. However, unlike most of the gods that mope around, she pretty much tries to live her life with as much positivity as possible :dummy: 

Reblog/like it on tumblr! tajina.tumblr.com/post/9360997… :la:
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WF-2540 Series
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Love her hair, very pretty ^.^ Nice job!
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Thank you very much :heart: Fun to work with!
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Pretty! I love the colors!
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I'm not a big fan of manga but I love this blend of cartoon and realism, tis also a cute style
keep it up! :D
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That means a lot coming from you, then ;) Thank you, and I'll try my best! :heart:
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good to hear Tajii :D
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Aww great picture ^^
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Your welcome ^^
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beautiful, as usual! I love the detail in the hair; i love how he blue and pink goes together >w<
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Thank you! :aww: The details are always so much fun when they're in blue and pink :XD:
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You have improved sooooooo much since I was last on year which was forever haha

I'm glad to see some more bodies!<3:happybounce: 
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Ahhh that means a lot >///< Really, thank you so much <3

I'll try to do more! ;w;
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yesssss So excited now RAINBOW LA 
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This is srsly so cute ;u; :heart: the colors are so nice aswell!! :heart:
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Oh, thank you very much ;A; I'm so happy you like it! <3 And the colors were a ton of fun~
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 She's Breathtaking Tajii! <33
I Love How You Go Back And Are Drawing All These Characters Of Yours! 
I Truly Love Seeing Them! <33 ^_^
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Thank youuu~! :love: 

I just feel like it's been forever since I've drawn them, so I at least want to have somewhat new references :D And it's been really fun remembering and redrawing them <3

And I'm so glad you do! ;u; Thank you again~ :hug:
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 You Are Always Very Very Welcome Tajii!! <33

I Feel That Way About My Ocs Too! It's Always Good To Have An Updated Reference Of Them. I Wish I Could Do It More. 

You Are Always Welcome Tajii! 

Thank You Thank You Thank You!! <33333!
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Her hair is so beautiful!  <x3 
You are pretty good with pencils, everything looks perfectly blend together nice job
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Thank you so much :love:

Ahh, that means a lot ;u; I try my best! And I'm glad it looks okay in the end :heart:

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OMG! so cute! I love the eyes and the flowers! :3
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