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Clockwork Hearts

By Tajii-chan
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Last submission before I go on a road trip for around 12 days~ Last hurrah of the summer, and then I go back to Boulder and move into my new apartment! I'm sorry for late submissions and everything, I'll work on them all once I get back~ And I'll still be online at the hotels checking messages… and contest submissions 8D; //cough// This was originally sianori's sketch-- her work is so cute ;w; It was a pleasure to color :heart:

Also, sorry for continuously deleting journals :XD: I only do that to showcase the contest journal. After it's over, I'll keep them around!

Psst, if you like collaborations… :>
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WF-2540 Series
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She looks gorgeous. :love:
Tajii-chan's avatar
Thank you! ;) The artist is quite amazing :heart:
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Your colouring skills are really great! I love how you put the red touches in her golden hair, it just creates so much depth. I also like the blush-like colour around her eyes, I think it makes her look very youthful and pretty:heart:
Tajii-chan's avatar
Thank you so much! :love:

Hair is always my favorite part :D And this lineart was especially fun~ Lots of simple little details that really pop~
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beautiful shading and coloring!
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Thank you very much! :aww:
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I can't stop staring at the wonderful hair you drew :heart:
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The drawing was what was so detailed, I only did the coloring! *u* Thank you :heart:

Ahhh one day I want to collab again with you and color your detailed lines X'D
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You gave life to the lines, I'm still staring at the amazing shading for the braids! :heart:

And sure, I would love to do that! ;__;
Tajii-chan's avatar
Ahhh sometime when you're not busy then! ;w; I would love to see any of my characters with yours <33
Kurama-chan's avatar
Sure! XD
Do you have a list with your characters? :heart:
Tajii-chan's avatar
Nay, but I have folders :dummy:

tajii-chan.deviantart.com/gall… <-- Tales of Tajii

tajii-chan.deviantart.com/gall… <-- A Hero's Tale/gods

tajii-chan.deviantart.com/gall… <-- And this sparse folder, with my characters from a Dating Sim that I am procrastinating working on :'D
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Like the hair, all the colors!! :D

Great job! :hug:
Tajii-chan's avatar
Thank you so much! The hair was so fun to color :love:
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Yay that's good!! ^^
You're welcome!! :hug:
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Aww great picture ^^
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Thank you very much! :D :heart:
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Your welcome ^^
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asdfghjkl i lovvee the coloursss<33
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Thank you so much! *A* :love: :heart:
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 Aww She's Very Beautiful! <3
I Love How She Does Eyes. She's Very Talented! ^_^

Have Fun On Your Road Trip!
Can't Wait Until You Post More Art! 3
Tajii-chan's avatar
Thank you so much :love: And yes, her style is so cute and unique >u<

I'll try to post more when I come back :D For right now, I'm glad to be on here for at least an hour a day <3
FallingDaWnStar13's avatar
 You're Very Welcome! 
And I Can't Wait! ^_^
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I love the way you shaded her eyes! ;U;
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