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Published: December 30, 2010
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It's not rotoscope
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Comments (94)
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perfection of Anatomy!
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RomanJones|Professional Digital Artist
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Inenarrable| Digital Artist
Amazing work.
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qowang's avatar
I think I saw this man in a famous Chinese painting before. I think it was drawn when the Japanese were invading China in the second sino-japanese war. I forgot the name of the artist but I remember he was really famous. Please tell me the artist's name.

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zippythewildone's avatar
zippythewildone|Hobbyist General Artist
You make so many loops, I was expecting this to just be repeated swinging. So, when I saw him wipe his brow I was like WHOA DAMN. He just broke the loop.
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PeterPancreas's avatar
PeterPancreas|Student Filmographer
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Kooosh|Student Digital Artist
i love the way he wipes the sweat off his face!
so realistic! i love thisss <3
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Xhydralisk's avatar
Xhydralisk|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
How many frames of animation is this?
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lexiababbez's avatar
he got little winer lol luv it good work hun lol
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Xhydralisk's avatar
Xhydralisk|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
lol As long as it gets the job done, size is irrelevant!
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gakisun4u's avatar
can you do the same cartoon, only with a female? ^.^
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sebc's avatar
sebc|Professional Filmographer
It kind of looks like he's wearing a thong
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xtolord's avatar
Once again, the body proportions and muscle details are astounding!
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Maidaligra's avatar
wath is rotoscope O.o?
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Pecaul's avatar
Pecaul|Hobbyist General Artist
Rotoscope is when you trace over film to get believable animation instead of doing your own thing. He's saying he basically did this all from his head/based on observations of the world around him. Things like that fight between Phillip and the Dragon in Disneys' Sleeping Beauty were rotoscoped to an extent.
It just gives you a heck of a lot more appreciation for all the hard work this guy puts to make his animation so believable it's hard to believe it wasn't traced. XD
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Akram3Ghareeb's avatar
amazing work ....
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Shirisaya|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
These images are ALIVE!
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sergbel|Professional General Artist
wow that is a really great animation. The timing is perfect and the poses as well.
Well done !!!!
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DarkDevoidic's avatar
That is a very hard working penis- I mean.... worker, I meant worker! >>
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haydee| Digital Artist
:lol: !!!
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