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TFAV Astrals Last Curse updated art by Taiya001 TFAV Astrals Last Curse updated art by Taiya001
Note I really do not have time to fix the art and any other part of the story I AM SORRY I AM A STUDENT SO SUE ME

Outside Stephen and his team were already ready to take out the outside guards. Stephen was just about to go at a guard when his body fell to the dirt. Stephen heard an incoming transmission [“This is Jezebel I’ve got your six Warhead.’] and Stephen was very excited, LOREN JOINED THE TEAM! [“When did you get here Jezebel?”] [[“Just in the last few hours, I have locks on 4 targets, permission to strike.”]] [“Permission granted, target lock Jezebel”]. And with that in the distance on the towers guarding the pavilion were taken down. [“Warhead you are clear to move in 5 clicks, now go get our team members back.”] With that Stephen and his team moved in closer to the docking bay for supplies. Razorsnip shot sedative darts at the men surrounding the area and they fell down dead as the neurotoxin hit their system. Seth gave her a high-five and Frenzy worked on hacking the security system to get the door open. Within a few clicks of frenzy’s processor the door opened and they snuck inside. Frenzy got into the cameras and other systems and turned them off. He also took liberty to make the tapes play back yesterdays footage. They crept down the hallway and being ever so quiet they continued down the hall. Loren above was already on her way to the next set of targets. She did not notice the sensors and they caught her and automatic guns rose from the sand out of their hidden compartments and began shooting at her. Frenzy’s hack may have kept the alert from reaching the interior but it did not stop the guns on the outside. Loren ran and dodged the best she could but her heavy sniper rifle was weighing her down. Trying to contact frenzy and the others was not working either as their was some sort of distortion in the signals. So ducking behind a cliff wall Loren aimed her rifle at the turret guns and shot back. Just thinking straight like a diamond her aimed proved true as she got around the first of many to come. Below the guys reached the elevator. Frenzy again worked his magic and got it open. They all crammed inside and they noticed something odd about the elevator, it was big enough for a transformer. But why? They all knew without even thinking about it further, they were planning on controlling the cons once they were in captivity. That way they did not have to ship them in and out through the back. The elevator reached the bottom and they all filed out front and center. With a click Taiya got the door open. She had opened up a vent that lead to the outside above the keycard sensor and fished the card down. With as much weapons as she could figure out to make from non lethal items she went down the hall. She saw two guards inside a small meeting room and they were laughing sipping coffee. They were talking about Blackout and what cell he was in. Taiya got the number 63A and with that she thought “well time to suit up”. She waltzed into the room and shut the door. They looked up at a very angry Taiya and with a dozen or so bangs and muffled sounds she came out wearing the shorter guards gear and held their guns in her hands. She cracked her neck and kept on moving. Except she did not have to hide with her new uniform. Along side of her choice to relieve them of their uniforms Stephen and his team did the same to avoid detection. Razor did not like being in clothes, she felt they were ineffective to hide her transformer body. They found a locker room filled with extra gear and weapons. Rufus went in and planted some bombs to go off when they headed out to take out some of their firepower. Rufus was stopped by a guy thinking he was this Chuck guy. Rufus did not have the patience to deal with him and punched him real hard in the face. The guy KO’ed and Rufus dragged his body into a locker and slammed the door shut. He dusted his hands and rejoined the others. Razor did the same thing to the female locker room. But without the interruption.

The team planted bombs the whole way since they entered the building. Broady looked down at the schematic sheet for the place and realized they were only half of the way done. This did not bode well for Stephen. “But where are the prisoner blocks?” he said, “they are not till we get down to tier level 4.” Broady responded. “how far is that?” , ‘about 200 feet down.” He stated. Stephen was getting angry because he could not go all out and turn the place into a massacre. But for once he had to remain calm. While they sought a way down, Taiya was on her way down into the recesses of the giant facility. She was down below while up High above her on tier two the team looked down through 3 feet of glass at the Decepticon holding cell. Overall there was 8 cons in the cell. They were 120 feet high up and they knew they were in the right place. Out of the side vent shaft Taiya crawled out. Stephen tried banging on the window to get her attention but with the glass being so thick nothing got through. Taiya immediately ran to the side panel that locked them in place and tried hacking it. Stephen ordered his team to get to the nearest way down. They ran off while Taiya worked the locks.

Jacker – {Woke up from the clanging} ‘Guys…is someone trying to free us?”
Blackout – {Woke up} “Taiya! What are you doing!? You should
Taiya – “Shhhhhh.”
Blackout – “Don’t shh me.”
Taiya – “I have to be as quiet as possible Blackout otherwise someone will hear me. I just got done taking out the guards surrounding the place.”
Dragster – “Then why did why come in through the vent?”
Taiya – “The only one that can get into the room is Melvin, Mark, and some guy named Lazarus.”
Jacker – “Uhg…not that name please. I can’t stand that guy. He has been picking and prodding me for almost ….I don’t even know the time anymore.”
Leftflank – “It’s been almost two years slag, you really are dull from all those experiments.”
Jacker – “YOU WOULD BE IF YOU WERE ME! You just got her lefty.”
Leftflank – {gave him an unimpressed look}
Taiya – “Shh all of you, damn, the codes aren’t working its like this system is run off of Cybertronian code.”
Blackout – “try entering anything related the Mark or Melvin, there has to be some code that they would use that is familiar.”
Taiya – “I am trying…nothing is working.”
Leftflank – “You are a Humanicon right? Why not hack it with your processors?”
Taiya – “Because I have an inhibitory chip on me, and I can’t get it off. I tried.” {a few drops of blood fell off her face}
Blackout – {noticed} “You tried cutting it off…didn’t you?”
Taiya – {nodded}
The panel beeped [[LOCK INITIATED]]
Taiya – ‘NOO!” {She banged on the panel} “It isn’t fair….Its just not fair….no no no no.” {She saw a tool cabinet and opened it and took out a sledgehammer and went to the Blackout and slammed the hammer down onto the brace that held his foot and it did not even scratch. But she kept hitting and hitting and hitting over and over. But nothing. Huffing and puffing she dropped the hammer and with a clang it hit the floor}
Blackout – “You just don’t have the strength … you should go and get outta here before Melvin shows up.”
Taiya – “No I won’t leave you, and it won’t do any good. If I can’t get to frenzy or scalpel to remove this thing off my head Melvin will just track me anyway.”
Jacker – “This is so not good.”
Error 1 – “No its not. No one can help us now….’
Taiya – “don’t say that! I will get you out somehow.”
? – “You will do no such thing.”
{They turned to see Melvin in his Vali form standing angrily}
Melvin – “I went to check on you and low and behold, you were no where to be found. Why did you leave your cell dear? It’s not safe for you out here.”
Taiya – “I am not going back in there!”
Melvin – “Defiant as usual…tisk tisk tisk. When will you learn?”
Error 1 – “Maybe it is you that has to learn you no good rusted down bolt!”
Melvin – {with a panel on has arm sent a huge shock through Error 1} “AND WHEN WILL YOU LEARN NOT TO OPEN YOUR OVERLY WIDE VOCAL PROCESSOR!”
Error 1 – {screamed in pain}
Blackout – “Hey! Leave him alone!”
Melvin – “Or else what? You are in no condition to make demands.”
Melvin – “Women…no pleasing them.” {stopped shocking Error 1} “Better or do you want me to say I am sorry like some infant?”
Taiya – “You are unbelievable.” {grimaced at him}
Melvin – {smirked and stood tall} “I am aren’t I? get over here, you know that Decepticons are dangerous.”
Melvin – “Decepticons friends? HA DON’T MAKE ME FUCKING LAUGH!”
Taiya – {stood closer to Blackout}
Jacker – “You heard her, no. Now get lost ya freak.”
Melvin – “You want some too? No, THEN SHUT UP!”
Melvin – {shocked stood aback} “AND YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A PIECE OF SLAG! YOU FRAGGING HELL COPTER FROM A LAURENTIAN ABYSS!” {Upped the AMP’s to Blackout’s shock inducer}
Blackout – {he got his leg to move just slightly to push Taiya away. He yelled in pain}
Taiya – “BLACKOUT!!!” {Wanted to go help him but knew she could not}
Scorponok – {hissed at Melvin trying so hard to move}
Melvin – ‘Aww did I hurt the parasites feelings?” {he laughed hysterically}
Taiya – {finally lost it. She walked up to Melvin and punched him in the face}

Melvin barely moved and with a readjustment of his face he turned to face her. “So you want it this way.” With that he punched her in the stomach. She fell to the floor and the cons grimaced in anger. “HEY WHY DON’T YOU PICK ON SOMEONE YOUR OWN SIZE!” Yelled Flumes a Minicon. Melvin just stood unaffected and grabbed Taiya by the hair lifting her up off the ground. He looked at her; ‘Are you happy with the pain?’ he asked “well you are far from being out of the woods my love” flinging her back she flew into Scorponok’s side. Woozy she got back up and pat Scorponok for hitting into him. “So that’s your only way to solve problems huh? Use petty violence and threats?” Melvin just stood unabashed. “That is all you are capable of doing isn’t it? You are pathetic!” she yelled “AND I AM DONE PRETENDING NOT TO NOTICE! I AM NOT YOUR GIRLFRIEND, YOUR FIANCE, OR AQUAINTENCE FOR THAT MATTER! Melvin griped “TAKE THAT BACK OR I WILL MAKE YOU EAT THOSE WORDS!” “NO!” She responded; “NO! I WILL NOT TAKE IT ANYMORE! I HATE YOU MELVIN! I HATE YOU! I LOATE YOU I DISPISE YOU AND I WANT YOU TO FUCKING DIE! I HATE IT EVERY TIME I HAVE TO HAVE YOU TOUCH ME! EVERY KISS! EVERY HUG! IT’S LIKE POISON IN MY BODY AND ACID ON MY SKIN! AND I AM NOT TAKING IT ANYMORE!” She spat back at him throwing the ring off her finger and went in to hit him again. He sidestepped her and elbowed her in the back simultaneously grabbing her shit and forced her down hard. “I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU WANT! I DON’T CARE HOW YOU FEEL! I WILL MAKE YOU LOVE ME OR GOD HELP YOU I WILL FORCE IT INTO YOU ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!’ He wrestled with her and pinned her down. “Do you have any idea what I had to give up to spare you!? Do you know how much I had to give to my father to have you!? Who would do that for you!? Who!? WHO WOULD GET THESE IMPLANTS FOR YOU!?” He said beating her into submission. His yelling was stopped by Scorponok, who started to cry. Taiya could hear him and without her ear implant she knew what he was saying. “BABY STOP CRYING MOMMY IS FINE!”

Melvin – “Mommy?”{looked awestruck}
Flumes – “Oh frag it…secrets out.”
Blackout – {Started laughing}
Melvin – {Turned around and looked back and forth between Taiya and Blackout} “No.”
Blackout – “THAT’S RIGHT YOU PATHETIC LITTLE FLESHLING! TAIYA IS MY PET! But more than that, she is my girlcon and I AM FED UP TO SLAG WITH YOU TOUCHING HER!” {he buckled the braces on his arms and legs}
Melvin – {his mouth dropped} “Your….your wrong….”
Taiya – “can’t face it huh? Well let me tell you this; I could never love you, I LOVE BLACKOUT! NOT YOU!”
Melvin – {rose his fist when Stephen broke into the room and ran at Melvin grabbing him by the throat lifting him off his sister}
Stephen – “Not….ever….dipshit.” {seething in rage}
The rescue team immediately went to work on getting the cons out of their holdings.
Slyer – {went to Taiya’s aid} “SISCON!”
Taiya – {got up hugging Slyer} “Lilbro. You guys made it. But how?”
Slyer – “Stephen made a rescue team.” {got to bandaging his sis up.}
Ravage – {growled chewing off the chain to Scorponok}
Rufus – “I don’t want to break up this happy reunion but we have to get the fuck outta here!”
Melvin – {stabbed into Stephens shoulder which made him drop him}
Melvin – {Punched Stephen in the face}
Stephen – {was pushed back and he backhanded him}
Melvin – {slid back a few feet}
Stephen – {tackled him down by lifting him off his feet and slamming him down}
Melvin – { aimed his blaster at Stephen} “DIE!”
Stephen dodged the round and Melvin stood up.
Melvin – “Stay still so I can kill you!” {He said shooting at him}
The others knew this was his fight and did not help.
Stephen – {got to Melvin's right and with a huge whroooom Stephen blasted him back into the wall and he fell down a pipe. The waste line!}

Melvin set off the alarms when he skid past a sensor in the wall. This told the others they had to get out of there on the double. The buckles were broken off and the mindlockers were removed. And with that the cons aimed their guns at the blast door and blew it completely off. They ran through the 1 mile long hallway while they realized that they were now being followed by Section 56 armored agents. The Decepticons told the Humanicons to keep going as it was time for some warm up not to mention some payback. With that Jacker and Blackout switched to their high guns and blasted the men back. Some who have deployed their electro shields braced the impact. Error 1 jumped in and let out a signal that jammed their equipment as their visual screens inside their helmets went to B.S.O.D’s. They had to turn off their equipment and get ready for an unaided fight. They started the reboot process while Leftflank a small armored car carried the Humanicons out of the tunnel to the highway. As soon as they saw the daylight they immediately contacted Megatron and told him what has been going on. They just got their coordinates to him when sector seven vehicles surrounded them as well as more section 56 armored guards. Stephen gave the order to blast them all away. Bullets and plasma rounds sending the day seemed to get brighter from every blast. Scorponok dug underneath the vehicles and with a blast from beneath rocketed them high into the air. They had to reach the TT! Blackout got out of the tunnel and transformed and headed into the battle with haste. The men were told not to use lethal force so while they had to use standard submission rounds the cons had no such restraints. Unknown to them the president was unaware of the situation as he looked at a directive order on his desk to bomb yet another country, Russia and Canada! Whitmore dazed from the nanomites just looked at the plan. It would involve over 60 million deaths. He shook his head and the nanomites in his head told him to sign it. But something clicked. He looked at a photo of Patricia and thought back to everything and his brain started to rewire itself. In agony he collapsed from his chair and fell to the floor holding his head. With a scream he alerted the secret service to his distress.

They got him up onto a couch and with a bit more mental fighting he shook off the control of the nanomites. 60 million! He thought, 6 million! What has he been doing? What has he allowed Mark to do!? He looked up with tired eyes and a sweaty face at James who snuck into the White house as a secret service agent holding a syringe in his hand. The boy slipped him the anti nanomite serum. Once James heard what went down at KeysTech and Sector 7 he knew he had to work fast on getting the president back. Whitmore listened to the boy and immediately went into action. He ordered the marines helicopter on the front lawn take him to Mark. The men followed their orders and together with James they made their way west. On board the allies of James were all smiling at the president, knowing their real leader was with them. Megatron on the other hand was getting what troops he could rally, as well as the bots. Blackout and Jacker blasted away at the bases gun turrets and slowly the towers surrounding the area fell to the ground with a large thud. Mark ordered a slam down tactic to be used in boxing them in. from beneath them a platform came out of the sand and on it were 40 mobile suit units. The section 56 soldiers fell back to base as the mobiles charged in. Blackout transformed and landed, cutting 5 of them off at the pass. Jacker did the same by blocking their line. Rumble jumped off of Leftflank and started to break away rock with his Richter generator. The cliff face they were on slowly shook away as 7 of them fell to the water below. The team kept moving further and further from base. Slyer and frenzy working together shot at the mobile suits weak points. Frenzy quick as ever to assess calculated it was the neck, back of the leg, and under the arm is where they should hit. Frenzy relayed the order to everyone and together they all aimed their guns true and blasted away at them the best they could. Blackout with a huge wave of EMP’s disabled the mobile suits and they took this chance to run, not before Rumble made an avalanche of rock pummel them down into submission. They booted themselves as fast as they could towards the TT. Mark and a large unit deployed and Melvin crawling out of the slime and grime of the muck got ready to meet up with his father.

The team was meet up by the Combaticons at the TT when one of the Mobile suit squadrons got ahead of them cutting them off. The Combaticons reacted by blasting at them. The two sides traded fire with one another and some of the rescue team got through the TT. Mark saw the contraption and realized what it was, it was a transportation module. He immediately ordered it to be destroyed and the mobile units were happy to comply with their orders. They launched a grenade at it and it blew up leaving 5 of the rescue team behind. Megatron got word of Mark being in the area and knew it was time to take his revenge on him so he, in his Cybertronian jet mode made his way to the US with his loyalists close behind. Perla gave Megatron the news on Whitmore and he smirked knowing the hold on the country will soon be broken. Perla was ordered to get the little miss to the bomb shelter under the white house and Perla did so eagerly. Mark and the combined forces of sector seven with section 56 surrounded the cons and just as they rose their guns up to fire new bullet mindlockers onto them when a giant shadow casted itself over the battleground. It was Advocator and out deployed Victor and his FSOF crew in their own mobiles. They meet fist to fist with the section 56 ones and duked it out. The bots helped the cons get them to safety. Slyer carrying Taiya was stopped by a sector 7 ATV and Slyer just kept running and jumped over the vehicle. As they landed Slyer dropped her and a mobile unit swiped her away and handed her to Mark who was standing at the crest of the hill in his Odin form for the first time. Slyer yelled out “TAIYA!!!” and Stephen and the others quickly realized what was going on. Prime who was brawling with 3 units blasted them back and focused on what was going on. As they stopped and looked at Mark, he clearly was something else. He stood as a mechanized monster clad in dark red and black armor. With spikes and a hellish gratuity. He had a giant sword on his back that was somewhat mechanical as his red eyes glared into the opposition. He had giant gauntlets for hands and he looked like someone had messed together Odin from mythology books and Warhammer.

Mark – “It is so good to be free.”
The solders stopped as soon as they realized that the fight was now there’s without fighting.
Stephen – “GIVE ME BACK MY SISTER YOU FUCKING FREAK!” {Aimed his gun at him}
Mark – “oh you pathetic little boy, you think your gun is strong enough to take me on.”
Stephen – “I can always try {he shot at him with the best rounds he had but a glyph wall shielded Mark} WHAT!?’
Mark – {laughed} “You think after everything, I did not have a truly grand power at my disposal!? I AM MARK MCALISTER! SOON TO BE MASTER OF ALL HUMANS AND YOU DECEPTICONS ARE MY SLAVES!”
The cons retaliated and cried out in anger
Mark – “Come on, I CAN TAKE YOU ALL ON! In fact we both can, right dear daughter?”
Taiya – “NO I WILL NOT!”
Mark – “You don’t have much of an option right now.”
The men rose their mindlocker guns at them.
Prime – “Mark your time has come! Surrender now!” {he aimed at Mark}
Mark – “Oh I don’t think so.”
Melvin – {shot a plasma round into Prime and he fell to his knees. The other bots went to his aid but were halted by the mindlocker enabled troops} “Oh Prime your heroism is just pathetically sad now.”
Prime- “Stay back all of you. {he said frantically to his troops. As he turned to face Melvin} I may be pathetic to you but I am still better than you. He got up and ran for Melvin}
Melvin – “Aw, prime learned some come backs.” {He charged another round and shot it at Prime, he blocked it and continued his sprint to him}

When Prime got close to Melvin he was pushed back 100 or so yards from him. but how! Mark had his hand up and just as Taiya did, he too could use telekinesis! Taiya yelled out to Victor “VICTOR YOU HAVE TO STOP MARK! STOP HIM NOW!”, Victor could now feel it, the ominous dark energy of a Dark Clan member of his world. Mark reacted to his crystal and blasted at Keys with a blast of dark energy. Victor did not catch it in time and he was blown away as his suit broke and shattered. He crawled out of the mass and took off his broken helmet. A FSOF member gout out of his suit and told Keys he could use it. Victor said thank you and turned his attention to mark. “So he lived through the blast.” Said mark. Taiya wriggled to get free as Mark somehow was drawing on her fallen abilities. “VICTOR PLEASE! STOP PLAYING AROUND VICTOR SHOW THEM WHAT YOU ARE! MARK IS NOT ALONE OVER HERE!” She pleaded with him to turn up the fight and fight back as a seraphim. Victor’s men fired back at mark but they too meet the shielding. They blasted and blasted but nothing. Not a single round from them worked. But how could this be happening!? The agents and soldiers took this opportunity to shot mindlockers at them. They dodged the best they could in the cramped space. The FSOF units pushed away the mobile units and advocator provided backup for Prime and his onslaught on Mark. Marks men in the mobile units got up from the fray and launched an all out offensive at the bots and cons. Simultaneously something all together bizarre was going on. In the darkness of the fog behind the gate the Fallen tried everything he could to break free. He had healed Cerberus just enough to help but nothing either of them were doing was helping. They looked at the gate, just thinking about how to get out, Cerberus had been so fed up he was barking at the Fallen. The fallen could just about break one of the mutts jaws. He heard a very cold and cruel laugh. The fallen looked up through the gate to see Astral.

Fallen – “Well if it isn’t my old student.”
Astral – {in his fallen form glared into the Fallen’s eyes} “I lost everything because of you Fallen, I lost ever single thing, my home, my family, and my future.”
Fallen – “You failed yourself inbreed.”
Astral – “I only failed because you promised me peace, you promised me glory, you promised me SUCCESS! AND WHAT HAPPENED! YOU LEAD ME DOWN A PATH OF NOTHINGNESS!”
Fallen – “Don’t blame me for your own ineptitude.”
Astral – {glared at him} “Then who should I blame? You were the one that filled my head with lies and deceit and then when I faced my death, you did nothing to help me from being killed by the leader of the sun clan. Lord Adam killed me and my dreams. And it is all thanks to you Fallen. “
Fallen – “Well you are welcome Astral.” {he said jokingly}
Astral – “Funny…you seem to have developed a personality since I knew you, beyond the 2 tone angry Mech from Cybertron. But you see I will have the last laugh, as I find a way to destroy that machine of yours in Egypt sending you forever in the void and I will help this Mark person achieve what I so desired.”
Fallen – {was unaffected by his taunts} “You can’t destroy it, it is unbreakable.”
Astral – “Maybe to most but not a fallen.”
Fallen – “Right like you will be able to get mark to destroy it.”
Astral – “Who said anything about Mark working alone, I was talking about the current Fallen.’
Fallen – {Had to contain his fear} “She can’t do it. Don’t dream on it. And when Lord Adam comes he will finally kill your soul!”
Astral – “I don’t think so my old teacher. She will help me achieve the last curse I bring on the Sun Clan family. By helping me strip their youngest son of his seraphim form, Divine will be here locked in humanity forever!”
Astral – “Like I care. You killed my future I am taking your races future from you.”
Astral – “I look forward to it teacher. Now to help my host keep the Seraphims back.”
Fallen – {reached through the bars as best he could but fell within inches away} “NO!!! GET BACK HERE! YOUR MASTER COMANDS YOU!”
Astral – {walked off with a smirk to the Fallen}

The battle in the physical world waned and just when all hope seemed lost for the allies, Megatron flew in like a dark hawk in the sky. He was not alone as he brought the seekers and they blasted at the jets in the sky and the crafts fell out of the sky like tiny fireflies. Starscream transformed midway and grabbed one of the F22’s by the wings and flung it at another jet. The shockwave traveled down to the ground as dirt and dust bellowed. Starscream landed and shot upward at the jets. Megatron flew behind Mark on the hill and landed with a huge thud. Megatron was quickly bombarded with fire but his armor was too strong for the rounds. The fighting continued until the men lowered their weapons when a new order directly from the president came in. it told them to stop and cease fire. Mark yelled at his men to continue but only his most loyal followed the commands. The marines as well as the other armed forces were not under the influence of the inner circle so they took to the job of detouring them from firing further. The helicopter with the president landed and Whitmore walked out in anger. “MARK I ORDER YOU TO STOP THIS RIGHT NOW! I …”he stopped as he saw the mobile units as well as Marks new look. He was taken aback to what he had don’t to himself. Mark looked down at the president. “Mark what have you done to yourself!?” Whitmore gasped. “I have made myself better, don’t you like the warlord look? I do” mark spat back. “no, no I don’t, now I ORDER AS THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES TO STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING RIGHT NOW! DISARM ALL YOUR MEN AND LET THE TRANSFORMERS GO!” Instead of listening to Whitmore, Mark just laughed. “You think I will listen to you Whitmore the wimp?”

Whitmore- “I told you to let them go! That is AN ORDER SOLDIER!”
Whitmore – “You have completely lost it Mark. STAND DOWN!”
Mark – {closed his eyes a bit and Whitmore was forced back onto his knees} “Ah much better. YOU BELONG ON YOUR KNEES WHITMORE! NOW BOW BEFORE YOUR NEW GOD!”
Whitmore – “I should have fired you, I should have seen what was becoming of our country and this nation but I was too blind to see it. I ORDER YOU TO STAND THE FUCK DOWN BEFORE I HAVE TO MAKE YOU!”
Mark – “Come and try.”
{The loyalists to the presidency fired back at Mark only to have their bullets halt and get thrown back at them}
Whitmore – {looked around him seeing none of his guards able to defend him} “Killing your own marines is low, even for you.”
Mark – “They are no troops of mine Whitmore, if they stand against me they are nothing more than an enemy.”
Whitmore – “You evil tyrannical bastard!”
James – {got out of the helicopter} “No dad, he isn’t!”
James – “I escaped. Come on Dad come on, time to stop this before you loose yourself in this madness forever.”
Victor – “Listen to your son Mark! You don’t want that dark power!”
Mark – “Yes I do. You are just afraid! Afraid of me and my power! What disgusts me is what you have done to James. Look what you have done Keys! You’ve turned my own son against me! “
James – “I turned on my own father!”
Mark – “Then you are no son of mine any more.” {aimed a blaster at James and shot. Taiya knocked his arm away so the blast shot past him}
Taiya – “NO!”
Mark – {gripped around her tight and she gasped in pain} “I HAVE JUST ABOUT HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR DEFIANCE! MELVIN GIVE IT TO ME NOW!”
Melvin – {tossed up the electric syringe of nanomites to him}
Taiya – [saw it} “Victor….do….it…now.’
Victor – “I can’t..”
Taiya – “VICTOR!!!!!”
Mark – “This should silence you.”{He stabbed it into the back of her neck and when the syringe was empty he tossed the thing down to the ground and took off her inhibitor chip}”Daughter? Are you with me?”
Taiya – {kept her eyes closed}
Stephen – ‘Sis? SISTER WAKE UP!”
Taiya – “Sister?”
Mark – {let go of Taiya and pointed to Stephen} “Who is that daughter?”
Taiya – ‘Decepticon enemies.” {Stephen shook his head in disbelief}
Mark – “That’s correct daughter.”
Stephen – “Taitai?”
Taiya – “Father why are the Decepticons out of their cells?”
Mark – “Because they tried to escape.”
Blackout – “No.” {the same shock was felt when they heard her response}
Whitmore – “WHAT DID YOU DO MARK!?’
Megatron – “Nanomites.” {he glared angrily} “TAIYA GET AWAY FROM MARK! I COMMAND YOU TO!”
Taiya – “You do not command me Mega-trash!”
Mark – “That’s right, he doesn’t, now about our problem.”{Whispered something to Taiya}
Taiya –“Yes father.” {Mark handed her a gun and Taiya took it without question and like a flash of lightning she shot the -President down!!!}
{A gasp was shared among the people and Mechs in the area}
Scalpel – {immediately went to the presidents aid as well as James}
Mark – {kissed Taiya on the cheek} “Good girl. Now fulfill your destiny to our family.” {he talked through the communicator on his arm} ‘This is general McAlister, ready the warheads. And prepare the satellites.”

Time seemed to stop at that moment as they realized something all too dark was happening. Mark handed Taiya off to Melvin and he teleported behind Victor’s mobile suit and with grab onto it Mark sent negative energy through it causing it to go into a systems critical shutdown. Before Victor could even take off the straps to his suit Mark in an arethrial form grabbed him by the collar and threw him out of his suit. Victor scrambled to get up but was quickly pinned down by Mark. Mark took out his sword and charged it with dark energy from the crystal and slammed it into Victor. The sword sent the dark energy around Victors own seed ember and it began to shut him down. Victor tried to fight back and use his sun clan kind of abilities but his seed ember was now locked. Mark yanked the sword from his body and laughed. “That should take care of you keys.” He said in a whisper “or should I call you Divine?” Victor crawled away as Zoë exited her suit to go to him. Mark’s men shot barrages of nets, mindlockers, and chains at them all. It missed Starscream and he fled like a coward. ‘GET BACK HERE YOU TRAITOR!” Yelled Megatron. Mark walked past Zoe and Victor and Zoe tried fighting him but he grabbed her by the hair and dragged her into the arms of two agents. Victor reached out to her but he was far to injured to even get up. He felt it, the cruel feeling of being human. The weakness, the fragility, and the hopelessness. He never felt like this in his entire life. Zoe was crying and crying and crying out for him but he was far too weak to get up. Soon Arkeville and Lazarus walked out of a landing helicopter, or at least it looked like one to Victor, his eyes were starting to revert back to the acid attack. Arkeville stood in front of him laughing hysterically and kicked Victor in the face knocking him backward.

Arkeville – “How does it feel Victor? To be on the bottom again?”
Victor – “Arkeville…we need to help ….stop…..mark.”
Arkeville – “Stop him? but why? He is helping me get what I want.”
Victor – “This isn’t about you, this …is about the planet.”
Arkeville – “The planet will be fine. But you are way over your head.”
Arkeville – {Did so}
Mark – “Don’t sleep on me now Keys, you will miss my best act.”
{The cons tried to yell out in defiance but found the mindlockers shut their vocal processors down}
Stephen – {looked up at his sister trying to get his words out. Tears streaming down his face he just kept thinking on how he had failed }

Starscream made his way back to the nemesis and they knew it was time to go into hiding. The fellow Decepticons and Humanicons as well as allies were all told to huff it to Siberia. Get as far north as possible where any electronic device would lose its ability to function. It was the biggest exodus in human history. Cons in the con allied nations prepared to head on out to the cold barren lands of Russia and whole militaries made their way out. The civilians were left behind and they all wanted to know what was going on. But they did not have time to think as mark gave the command for the biggest bombing raid in human history. But first. The Seraphim fleet must be blinded. And to do that Taiya would be the biggest player. Mark ordered his men to bring out the big key to all of this. Claude and Devon brought out a lead box about 2.5’^3 box. Sat it down and Mark took out a unique looking key and opened it. Inside was the Allspark! He took it out and it sent charges throughout his body. The bots and cons were completely in shock! How did he find it! How did he find the cube!? Mark in his sinister ways laughed “Oh was this what you were looking for right?” he took out the dark crystal and let the cube charge it. The bots and cons both tired desperately to get to the cube. If they could just get it away from him they could use its power to override the mindlockers and the nanomites. At this point Megatron and Prime did not care about their petty fight. They had to get to it before it was too late. Mark asked Taiya for her Spear. She transformed into her Fallen mode and gave it to him , the crystal being from a former fallen allowed Mark to hold the weapon. He inserted the dark crystal and it reacted with the spear as it turned into a staff like weapon. He handed it back to Taiya and told her to absorb some of the Cubes energy. He knew by allowing her to touch it she would teleport to the Machine so he held her hand just above it. The Fallen screaming “TOUCH IT FRAG IT! COME ON TAIYA TOUCH IT!” Mark let her go. The fallen yelling out in anger.

Stepping out into the field a hemisphere of glyphs surrounded her as she configured the symbols. Victor looked up and noticed they were Seraphim symbols. He tried to get out of his chains to get over there and stop her. Underneath them the internal machine in the planet reacted and gears started to move again as pistons pumped energy through the tunnels. The Glyphs rose up and flattened into a disk and the disk lowered itself into the ground. The disk got bigger and bigger as more codes covered its area. She used her telekinetic abilities to make 5 pillars of metal shot out from the ground and they were too surrounded by glyphs. Taiya used the spear to shot energy at the top part of each pillar and they reacted sending out bolts of power to one another forming a pentagram. The bolts of energy followed Taiya’s commands and flinging around like a sky dancer she bellowed out the glyphs far into the battlefield as the large pillars shot into the sky and five satellites were ready. They charged themselves with the combined energy of the allspark, the solar energy, and the dark crystal and shot out to a lattice of satellites creating a square mesh over the planet. The mesh reacted and formed a barrier shield. But this was not over as the long lost Voyager I far into the Oort Cloud shifted itself as S.O.L shot out energy towards it. Speeding at the speed of light the energy zipped past the planets and their moons, across the asteroid belt and far beyond the Kippur Belt, till it hit its target. An energy collection unit aboard the craft. Mark’s father Jasper was given the schematics years ago by Astral to build the exploratory craft. And like all projects of NASA the project was paid for by the government so how could they care how much more equipment they wanted to add. As Voyager I finally slowed down it shot out tiny embers of light that was picked up by the Oort Cloud and it speed covering the remnants of solar system creation. And like tiny lights going out in a city energy of the embers masked the signature of the solar system even being in existence.

In space the Seraphim fleet just exited out of hyperspace and stopped outside of the Oort Cloud. They looked around and saw nothing but dust and gaseous clouds.

Spirit – “Eltra, you sure these are the coordinates?”
Eltra – “Yes sir, this is where Divine told us to go.”
Spirit – “You sure because I have nothing on my monitors.”
Eltra – “That can’t be right. Let me check…there is nothing there.”
Spirit – “Eltra suggestions? what do we do?”
Eltra – “Relook at the communication log and check the coordinates. Head around and see if it’s just distortion of our sensors.”
Spirit – “Good idea Eltra.”

At 5:50 Am May 2nd the bombs started. One after another. The darkest day and era of the human race was now upon them. No country was safe, no military strong enough to deal with the Decepticons and the Autobots, no country able to make moves against the Americans. The Fallen chained, Astral unleashed and out of control with his new human host Mark. With the nanomites all seemed hopeless. The Humanicons were injected with them and it wouldn’t take long for Mark to begin his quest to completing his collection. Melvin declared he new prime and was married to Taiya. While a father stuck in hiding looked down in sorrow at the newspaper about the events. Thomas broke down and the rest of the evacuees felt the same sense of misery and sorrow.

But all hope could not be lost right? Was this the way they would meet their ends? For one the path was clear. Victor in his cell contemplated how to reverse the curse upon his seed ember and to reconfigure the nanomites.

~~~~{To be continued}
Victor, Zoe, Rex, KeysTech, SERINA computer, FSOF and all related info with Lazarus and Section 56 (C) *victortky
Stephen, Blair (C) *Sketchfan
Taiya, Melvin, Mark, Freezebow, and other random agents (C) *Taiya001
Did I forget anything else?
If so I am dearly sorry
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