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Calamity will find every castle
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taiwonton // wontonton
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

Yo! I'm tai:

- I draw purely for fun.
- I don't take requests.
- I do take art trades, but only if you're a good friend!
- I do not take commissions right now, please check my journal to check for open slots!
- I roleplay through discord only.
- Icon/Pixels by 2StreetsDown



AA: Appdate - Balthazar

Uploading belated appdate memes....;;; Behold Balthazar's legendary One Sleeve... and the red cape that got ripped off........ o)-< questions myself....

Coloring (and potat doodles) for 2018 by the Bestest Potato :iconavodkabottle: sobbaw thank you for putting this treasure in my hampaws (YOUR ICON!!!!??? CHANGED!!!1 /doubletake)
AA: Appdate - Elise

Finally getting around to uploading the appdate memes heh;;;;
AA: Cillian Reyer


Cillian Reyer
Monday, Day 25 of the Month of Mirrors, Year of Coins (02/25/7990)
Gender: Male
 Dark Elf

Class: Marauder
 Boss of the Silver Syndicate
City: Linhythe
Allegiance: Koben


Confident | Calm | Kind | Detached | Unyielding | Paranoid

Humble and calm, Cillian plays the part of a kindly old man with the seasoned talent of a true professional, and with his gentle charisma is more likeable than the boss of a gang might otherwise be. He is wary of the spotlight, for both practical and personal reasons—avoiding the public eye while also being naturally reticent. Cillian enjoys peaceful days, and values nothing more than the ordinary, simple lifestyle. But his reserved behavior is by no means an indicator of lack of confidence—there is nobody who believes in Cillian more than himself. He makes decisions swiftly, and while they are sometimes extreme, they are always final. He is unyielding, and at his age, there are few who are capable of making him think twice about his "superior" wisdom and convictions. 

One of the principles he prescribes to is that everyone deserves a piece of the proverbial pie. A generous benefactor, Cillian loves to give to those who are disadvantaged in life— and often takes wayward souls under his care at the smallest of whims. But he has no qualms with taking from those who are disadvantaged either, often taking advantage of one to improve the lot of another. There is little real emotional investment in the betterment of people as individuals for him, and this detachment affects a great deal of the rest of his life as well. Details get swept under the rug, and Cillian cares only for either the big picture or that which is directly in front of him.

Decades of living as a gangster have taken their toll, and he can be extremely volatile. His highs are sky high, and his lows can hit rock bottom— and no matter how he strives to live otherwise, paranoia cultivated over years of having knives and guns pointed at his back has made him unpredictably violent, sometimes even towards those whom he normally views as family or friend.


Cillian’s prospects were bleak, born into servitude in Reluir and destined to live life as a slave. Having known no other life, he didn’t question the way of the world and excelled at his duties—and thanks to his exemplary performance, he was a favorite in the household before he even reached his first half-century. Taken abroad with his master’s family to see the sights, his first exposure to the outside world was one of unease— for he was suddenly uncomfortably aware of how his circumstances could be very different. He battled with all that he had known and the outside world that was a mysterious oyster of opportunity for thirty years before finally finding a smuggler to spirit him away.

Trafficked through Tusa to Linhythe, Cillian was pushed into dirty work for the smugglers to whom he now owed a hefty debt. But learning the ropes quickly, he rose in the ranks and cultivated a reputation for being exceptionally brutal. His unnecessary violence was quickly checked by the law, and upon his release from jail, he attempted to go clean with odd jobs around the city. In construction, he found a career where he might have lived peacefully— if not for his falling in love with the daughter of his previous gang leader. They married, and he was inevitably dragged back into the gang by his father-in-law, who groomed him to take over his position. The two egos clashed, and after Cillian had wrung everything he needed from the man, he arranged a hit to get rid of him. The takeover was smooth, and Cillian enjoyed success at the leader at the expense of unknowingly destroying his home life. Bouts of illness plagued him for months before he realized that his wife had been slowly poisoning him after finding out what he had done to her father, and though he swiftly locked her away, the damage had been done.

He was tired of gang life, of constantly looking over his shoulder waiting for someone to kill him for this or that reason, and began to earnestly take steps to legitimize their business ventures. Living a normal life as a free man had been his goal when he fled Reluir, and he intended to fulfill it now that he had survived his closest brush with death. Their gang faded from notoriety when they became a legal operation, and he at last enjoyed a peaceful life as the proprietor of a bar near the city port. But dozens of years passed, and peace grew stale. His children were grown, the human gangsters he’d worked with were gray, and his elven brethren were as bored as he. Yet without lifting so much as a finger, excitement came to them.

The new gangs had started a war. He meddled extensively with the turf wars, satisfied with his hand in supporting the ascension of the Gold Gang to power. But the incessant feeling of being under someone else’s beck and call troubled him, and he resolved to remove himself from Rosette’s influence. That opportunity came when Linhythe was attacked, and with his bar and a great deal of his physical assets up in flames, the time to retake power was now or never. With Vernon and Rosette eliminated in the attack, he began to quietly re-consolidate his power as a previous generation gang leader, carefully avoiding the watchful eye of Martial Law. Creating a make shift organization to deal with clean up of the city, he veiled his meetings and preparation, and upon being released from the burden of soldiers watching his every move, quickly claimed the majority of the turf in the city. Absorbing the stragglers from the old color gangs, particularly the once powerful Gold Gang of which he had lent a heavy hand during their last big war, he rebranded them as a colorless, Silver gang. In desperate need of government and police connections, he seized the opportunity in Walter Phillips, a contender for the position of governor that had gang ties and had frequented Cillian’s bar before it’s untimely demise. Gently "discouraging" Walter’s competition, he secured his connection, and is now earnestly rebuilding the capital he needs to make Linhythe a proper contender in the underground world once again.

Additional info: 

- Drinks alcohol like water, and has recently picked up his smoking habit again after quitting for about 150 years.

- He openly supports the Red Torcs, but has no particular feelings towards his homeland positive or negative.

- He is the proprietor of a dockside bar, and goofs off spends most of his free time working behind the counter.

- Cillian has a habit of docking the ears of people who cross him. It was once well known in the city that someone with docked ears was in hot water with Cillian's gang, and so preferably not to be associated with. 


Walter Phillips: His preferred candidate for governor, Cillian appreciates that Walter's corruption runs deep enough such that he can run his business with relative ease, but not so deep that it negatively affects the city and it's inhabitants. He fully intends to set the record straight at some point that it is Walter who is under his command, and not vice versa.

Xander Duvarian: An unfortunate case, Cillian sympathized with Xander's cause- as it was people like Xander who smuggled him out of slavery decades ago. But unfortunately he messed with the business, an unforgivable transgression. As a compromise, Cillian gave the order for the man to walk away with his life, but not his ears.

RP Preference: Discord HCs/Comics

Kikuen: Serene Welcome

Mr. Sprout is so calm about everything that Berlioz felt it would be inappropriate to panic (outwardly).

Practicing colored comics F2U Kaomoji | Lying Down _(:3J L)_ | iikao #1 

Sprout belongs to :iconmerloo:
Berlioz by me
AA: You Tried

While the rest of the world is descending into chaos, I wanted to do a silly, light-hearted comic instead!
(( Also to canonically announce that Ludovika is gonna pop a baby soon F2U Kaomoji | Lying Down _(:3J L)_ | iikao #1 

Inadvertently I created a number of mysteries though... such as Does Lars Have a Crush Right Now? :iconmysteryplz:
Also, what was he thinking after so judgmentally sighing at Balto?
Everyone drew their own conclusions of what Lars was thinking, see below:

1) 'She got fat...' - Ludovika's conclusion
2) 'Brother is going to be a terrible father...' - Gabrielle's conclusion
3) 'How'd you manage that (getting ludovika preggo)' - Balthazar's conclusion

The moral of the story is that communication is important...

Lars, Gabrielle, and Balthazar Siegel are mine
Ludovika is Dhirento 's


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the story and the group develops alongside the members.

if so please come on over to here

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