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taiwonton // wontonton
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Yo! I'm tai:

- I draw purely for fun.
- I don't take requests.
- I do take art trades, but only if you're a good friend!
- I do not take commissions right now, please check my journal to check for open slots!
- I roleplay through discord only.
- Icon/Pixels by 2StreetsDown



MG: Jack Price



Name| Johnathan Price
Nickname| (Goes exclusively by) Jack
Age| 16
Birthday| September 15th, 2002
Gender| Male
Height| 5’6”
Weight| 130lbs
Nationality| USA
Ethnicity| Undefined American
Blood Status| No-Maj
Relationship Status| Single
House| Pukwudgie
Year| Fifth


Core| Thunderbird Tail Feather

Length| 10”
Wood| Maple
Flexibility| Fairly Bendy


| Hard-working | Friendly | Kind | Honest | Optimistic |

| Arrogant | Careless | Calculating | Sensitive | Artificial |

A typical teenage boy in many respects, Jack has boundless energy, is quite the chatterbox, and wants more than anything else to be well liked by his peers. To this end, he has an agreeable disposition that is equal measures of sweetly kind and cheerfully friendly, a run-of-the-mill boy next door. He likes to devote his thoughts towards positivity— the glass is always half full, and it never hurts to give something a try. While he’s not naturally gifted, he works hard and is through this virtue quite a model student. Knowing more than anyone else just how much effort he puts in to achieve this image, he is very aware and prideful of this status and can be a mix of over-confident and arrogant about it as a result.

After all, Jack is still immature. He is, in the throes of puberty, sometimes unable to see the bigger picture— more concerned with dealing with his own troubles than he is with others. While he makes surface level attempts to appear selfless for the sake of his image, he can be careless with words and feelings, having not yet learned the true weight and power of either. And selfishly, he often chooses to surround himself specifically with those who will help him advance in either his academic, athletic, or social life. Those who are not useful in some way are often less valued either as friends or housemates. In a hypocritical way however, Jack is highly sensitive to being disliked or used himself— he is quite conscious of other peoples’ opinions about him, especially if they are in any way negative, and his entire mood is quite dependent on those around him.


The Price family was the foremost in their local church-- the picture perfect upper middle class image of generosity and compassion. They were deeply involved with their community, and as a young boy, Jack learned quickly to follow the example. He was supposed to be normal-- encouraged into the gifted students program at school, signed up for soccer after school, and encouraged to hang out with the ‘right’ kids. Despite his parents’ heavy hand in his life, things just always seemed to go Jack’s way- the ball would roll just so into the goal, there would be a freak snow day when he forgot to do his homework… he was a lucky kid.

Or magical. His parents, devout Christians who frowned on witchcraft, were torn when they received Jack’s letter from Ilvermorny-- disturbed by the professor who visited to explain the hidden world of magic, and betrayed by their son, who innocently found the whole thing to be an exciting discovery as if all the warnings against the occult had fallen on deaf ears. The entire house grew tense as a stalemate over Jack’s future brewed like a cloud over the supposedly perfect family. It was impossible to ignore that Jack’s magic would be unmanageable if he were kept at home- yet impossible to condone a school of sin. It was a big black secret that eventually tore the family into two factions-- Jack’s grandmother and elder sister adjusted their ultra-conservative views to accept him, while his grandfather and parents insisted that prayer and therapy would do the trick.

In the span of a week, his grandmother emerged victorious and Jack’s life turned upside down. He moved to live with his grandmother in Virginia, and where once he had been preparing to enter his first year in middle school as a 6th grader, he was suddenly preparing cauldrons, wands, robes, and all sorts of things that he had been told were evil and sinful all his life. The excitement dampened, and he grew uneasy- entering Ilvermorny with a significantly damaged self-esteem and a fragility that came with knowing that he and this new world he belonged to were the source of a great deal of discord in his once tight knit family.

But at 11 years of age, the wonders of magic quickly overcame the trepidation-- Jack befriended other no-maj students and shared the fun of discovering new strange things together. Out of the same habits drilled into him before, he strove for excellence- hoping to someday show his disapproving family that he was still the same old Jack they had once known despite everything. Striking it out on his own at Ilvermorny gave him the self-discipline he’d been lacking under his parents’ watchful eye- and resolved to have the best experience at Ilvermorny to hopefully someday change their minds about the world of magic.


Eleanor Price (68) - Jack’s paternal grandmother, who lives in Virginia. She is a born again Christian who is more open minded than the rest of her family, and finds her grandson’s magic equal parts fascinating and unsettling. She never misses a chance to lecture Jack’s parents about how God would be disappointed in them, which unfortunately only encourages them to stay away.

Laurel Price (18) - Jack's elder sister, who attends University of Mississippi. She visits every summer and keeps him up to date with no-maj news and trends, as they have mutually agreed to never talk about magic.




| Study Groups | Crowds | Sports | Food | Fresh Cut Quills | Wizard’s Chess | Underarmor | No-Maj Movies |


| Cleaning his room | Getting his hair cut | Conflict | Wearing the Uniform | Formal Shoes | His reading glasses | Dolls | Breakouts |


Charms V
Potions V
Defense Against the Dark Arts V
Transfiguration V
Herbology V
Magical Governments
European Witchcraft
Martial Magic III
No-Maj Studies III
Spanish II



  • He was born and raised in Mississippi. He had a strong southern accent in his first year at Ilvermorny, but it faded by his third year.

  • Though he’s extremely (Extremely) messy, he’s not exactly unorganized. He usually has a general idea of where everything is, and is fully capable of cleaning up if given the time and/or proper motivation.

  • His eyes are hazel. While he admittedly doesn't get as much sleep as he should, his dark circles are actually due to periorbital dark circles rather than a real lack of sleep.


My Alva Magica: Extra

back on my shit
will tai ever draw something serious????

this is post round three of the tournament, for context

Fabian & Sigmund belong to :icon2streetsdown:
Balthazar & Lars are mine
My Alva Magica: Six


:iconshadowedplz: this is so long im sory

edit: added powers section and changed walter's app to black

Hero Name: Trigger
Ideals: Money
Power: He can create projectiles out of anything that he throws or flicks. The smaller the item, the greater the velocity-- bullets, dice, and pebbles are comparable to if he'd shot a gun, while a tennis ball may leave a nasty bruise. He can't change the trajectory of whatever he's thrown once it's airborne, but he can bring it to stop before it hits it's target by removing his powers from the item.

Student Name: Balthazar Siegel
School: Spectacular High
Year: Third
Best Subject(s): Literature
Worst Subject(s): History
Extracurriculars: Host Club (Tagged along cause Fabian)


    - From a middle class family. His mother is a magical girl, but his father is just a regular joe. Good natured, calm, and always up for anything that will make the day more exciting.

    - Originally thought his power was throwing things really hard (cue baseball pitching dreams), until one time in elementary school he flicked a pen and it shot off so fast it whizzed right past the teacher’s head and wedged into the blackboard (cue end of baseball dreams).

    - Got detention that day, and the day after because he flicked his eraser out of curiosity and shattered a window during detention. Was dragged to a shooting range to get it out of his system by his father after they got the repair bill.

    - Is the only super in his family and so doesn’t relate much to his Sparkly Transforming Family. 

    - …. Wants money because he has an expensive shoe collection to maintain…. Has an instagram full of pictures of his limited edition sneakers.

Hero Name: Sting
Ideals: Protect the people he loves and cares about (sob)

Power: His ability lets him generate/control a bone like extension that has a paralyzing agent on the tip. The pieces float, so he can use them to help himself fly. He also has a standard power up in strength and abilities. He can use his 'sting' ability up to four times- the one red light on his mask will flicker out with each use before he detransforms.

Transformation Item: His transformation item is an ivory ring that he attaches to his All Hearts Uniform brooch.

Familiar: A disembodied skull that floats around him (think brook's spirit ability in one piece)- it loves to talk but the only one who can see or hear him is Lars, much to the latter's chagrin.

Student Name: Lars Siegel
School: All Hearts Academy
Year: Second
Best Subject(s): Physical Education
Worst Subject(s): Art
Extracurriculars: Body Building Club


    - From a middle class family. His mother is a magical girl, but his father is just a regular joe. Lars is naturally quiet, sometimes awkward, but always means well. He has a strong sense of justice.


    - Almost all of his clothes are Balto’s hand-me-downs. He doesn’t always coordinate the pieces in a sensible way.

    - Is a total mama’s boy and wants to follow her footsteps. Slightly disappointed that his transformed form isn’t nearly as powerful or sparkly as his sister and mother’s though.

Hero Name: Spencer
Ideals: Attention, recognition
Powers: Is able to create weapons out of ice. The weapons are extremely cold as if made from dry ice, and so he almost always wears gloves to prevent hurting himself with his own powers. He has high control over the formation and shape of the ice while it's still in his hands, but in normal weather as soon as it leaves his direct vicinity it will begin to melt.

Student Name: Cederic Cotterill
School: Spectacular
Year: Second
Best Subject(s): Math
Worst Subject(s): Literature
Extracurriculars: Body Building Club, Fencing


- From a rich family, but has exceptional money sense. He is extraordinarily stingy despite his fat wallet and has no conception of charity. Is Jasper's younger half brother from another mother.

    - A rather irresponsible guy who has spent the past two years chasing after classmate and long time crush Guen.

    - Is basically just a stupid teenage boy who doesn't think with his brain 99% of the time. He goes equally by Cederic and his hero name, Spencer.

    - He's always cold, but doesn't feel it himself. Not a very conducive trait to getting the girls.

Hero Name: Cesspool
Ideals: Kill time, have fun beating stuff up and using his powers without repercussion
Powers: His body can melt into a foul smelling sludge that starts to slowly corrode whatever it touches. He can control the sludge as if it were his own body, and can become a very mobile pile of ----. Physical attacks are mostly ineffective against him-- however he can only generate as much sludge as is equal to his body mass. His sclera only turn black when he activates his powers. 

Student Name: Pieter Rajani
School: Spectacular High
Year: Third
Best Subject(s): P.E.
Worst Subject(s): Everything else
Extracurriculars: Detention


    - Melted into a pile of sludge the first time he discovered his powers and didn't have enough control to put himself back together for almost an entire day. He finally pulled himself together (literally) but not all the pieces were in the right place.

    - His parents and older brother distanced themselves from him after that fiasco because the sight and smell of his uncontrollable ability were disgusting in every way.

    - He found himself in the custody of a distant relative who was a police officer determined to set his new misguided ward on the right path.

    - He was successful insofar as brow beating Piers into Spectacular High and helping him control his powers, but unsuccessful in making any deep impression on a jaded kid.

Hero Name: Dione
Ideals: To be the best
Powers: Lightning generation. She is unaffected by her own currents and can control bolts with nasty precision. The more bolts she generates at once however, the less control she has over where they land or travel. She can electrically charge metal objects to discharge the next time they're touched, which is said to be why one should never touch the doorknob to the off-limits rooftop. (She started the rumor herself, naturally.)

Student Name: Tatiana Valerius
School: Spectacular High
Year: Second
Best Subject(s): Government
Worst Subject(s): Home Economics
Extracurriculars: Student Council (Treasurer)


    - Had an incredibly irresponsible father who lived on the edge between the definition of legal and illegal. Was disgusted by his way of life, which affected both her childhood and her siblings’.

    - In a bid to be his exact opposite, she decided to live by the book and become a better person—to rub his face in it someday, of course.

    - She's Lyan’s girlfriend—puts up a tough and too-cool-for-school front around everyone but him. (But she still tries to look cool in front of him if she can help it.) She admires his ability to be chill, mature, and reasonable. Him and Silvan are the real model senpais…

    - She likes fashion but never took a shine to skirts and dresses, so mostly collects masculine pieces for her wardrobe.

Hero Name: Governor
Ideals: To be, or not to be
Powers: He can influence the mood and feelings of the people around him. He can make them feel angry, sad, happy, hopeless etc., but the only feeling he can't generate is genuine love. In his youth, his pheromones would influence other peoples' moods at random, oftentimes reflecting his own mood-- but after many years of dedicated practice, he can manipulate human and animal feelings with incredible precision, able to make them jump from elation to crushing depression with a snap of his fingers. 

Name: Walter Phillips
School: N/A
Year: N/A


    - Went to a support high school, intending to join the police force as an investigator when he someday gained control over his pheromone generation.

    - Dated Adele in school, but the relationship ended when he became paranoid of whether her being with him was just an aftereffect of his powers. 

    - Found out later after gaining more influence over the pheromones he could create that the one emotion he cannot induce is genuine love.

    - Big Regretti. But it's OK they reconnected and she helped him Get Over It. Kinda. Not a fan of that Artur guy.

    - Employed by Spectre Labs and spends most of his time cooped up blowing up Spectres.

    - He keeps four white mice as pets: Enie, Mieni, Miney and Mo. 

AA: Tired

Yeah I only have stupid comics in me nowadays idk how to draw dramatic stuff have more (non-canon) siegel sibling antics

It's not canon because of in-canon Drama (i.e. the end of the world and the freezing of time), so there probably aren't any nice balls or dinner parties for Gabrielle to debut at, but it's for the best since I don't think Lars could handle the stress...

google image'd the first three backgrounds lolol


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