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A Hop, Skip, and a Leap of Faith
A Hop, Skip, and a Leap of Faith
By Tai Wilson
A small bell rang out as Twilight Sparkle stepped through the front door of Sugarcube Corner. Her nose almost instinctively took in a large whiff of the air, searching for the smell of whatever it was Pinkie Pie would be baking that day.
Twilight inhaled gleefully, expecting to smell cakes or gingersnaps or some of Pinkie's decadent Double Chocolate Brownies which accounted for Twilight's tight-fitting saddlebags lately. Instead, Twilight found herself suddenly coughing and hacking, choking on some horrid stench coming from the direction of the kitchen.
It smelt like old, burning greens. Like the time an unfortunate hiccup from Spike had accidentally caught Applejack's compost pile on fire. The winds had carried the smell into the center of town, stinking up the whole of Ponyville for the rest of the day. Eventually, in a final act of desperation, Rainbow Dash's Weather Team had been called in for an emergency application of rain clouds to
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Eight is Enough
"Eight is Enough"
by Tai Wilson
We've come so far, yet have so far to go.
They say that
Seven ate nine;
But eight ate more.
Eight ate love.
Eight ate peace.
Eight ate progress.
They say they like us,
That they tolerate us.
But tolerate is just
taller than hate.
You can still be bigger.
Some was just poor language
You voted 'No' so that
people could say 'Yes;'
say 'I do.'
Some was from misconceptions, as they were
told to hate
those who can't procreate.
Some was based on text,
taken from its context.
They were told of two great cities
Which weren't all that great
And the story of Lot,
offering his daughters to the lot,
Ignoring the tales of David and Jonathan.
People are starting to come around.
We have a President
Who made a mention
during his acceptance.
And watched a
Band March with Pride.
We have a film, which ironically,
saw eight
naked gold men named Oscar,
taking home three.
We have the foreign and the obscure,
Who have been making movies,
some about a 'Cheerle
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. . . Unless it's good. But that rarely happens.

This'll probably be a short post, since I'm very tired and kinda sick, but have also been wanting to write this for a while (and I've become VERY tired of always seeing my last journal post.)

So, anyway, after I posted my Prop 8 poem on here the other day, I started reading through a few of my other stories, to possibly post more. I had dug the poem out of a few submissions I'd made for a Creative Writing class one semester. The poem was short, and I had put a fair amount of planning and research into it. So it turned out pretty good in my opinion, and other people's liking it seems to confirm this idea.

But one of the short stories I wrote (which at the time I thought was the best thing I had written in a while) turned out to be really shitty once I read it again. This story had not been well planned or researched. It had been written literally hours before it was due, with no re-writes.

I might still upload it at some time, but it needs a lot of work. The idea is decent, but it's completely biased. Biased in that, at the time, I felt it imperative that I come out to my classmates, without ever actually saying anything (what can I say? I'm a wuss.) So, I wrote stories about LGBT issues, flirted with the only clearly gay guy in the class, and (in retrospect) generally made an ass out of myself. I even took a dance class and an acting class, based almost entirely on the hopes that I could meet someone while in the class. While I enjoyed both classes a lot, I didn't do very well in either (Modern Dance kicked my ass, and I just don't have the memory needed for acting (can't memorize monologues to save my life.)

As usual, I seem to have gotten off topic. As I was saying, reading my old stuff sucks. A lot. But some of it is still about as good as I remember it (which is pretty good) and I'll probably be posting various stories more regularly in the near future.
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