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Proposed cover Phaedra: Alastor 824

By taisteng
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Digital art based on my own stock
Novel set in the universe of Jack Vance, with permission of his heirs.

Back cover text;

Wake the living Galleons at your peril...

The Elder Race once ruled the whole spiral arm and

created the Star Kings and the humans.

Fierce predators, they tore suns from the sky,

leaving the worlds of their enemies to freeze in the dark.

Now only the galleons are left: living ships

that sail the world river which girds Phaedra.

After the death of his father Gunnar arrives on that ancient world,

trying to find a new home.

Two girl-friends sounds like a good start, but Lavoine is the deeply tricky daughter

of the last Voodoo queen, the other a fierce huntress

who has sworn never to kiss a boy

until she Walks with the Galleons.

And now Lavoine is trying to wake up the galleons,

bringing the Elder race back...

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